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Co-Operative Economy, Capitalists Fear Not

14 December 2012 - 11:19 PM

Co-operative societies. Do you think it would be possible to implement this successfully in an MMO?

Note: This concept does not remove the ability for players to buy/sell/trade with each other. The aim is to alter the way currency enters the economy to combat the multidute of issues that come with currency in current MMOs.

Using bare-bones Dark Age of Camelot as an example: Three realms at war. Centralized PvP area separated from each domain's PvE/homeland area.

Two forms of currency, New-player tokens and Domain tokens. These titles are just placeholder names.

New-player tokens would be available on a limited basis free of charge. If you just started and you want to get a low-grade item specific to an aspect of the game you wish to pursue. For example, a smith's hammer. Now you can start on your way to becoming a smith.

Domain tokens would be distributed by your Domain's NPC government. Domain tokens are not freely handed out. You need to participate in some fashion to be worthy of receiving payment for your efforts on behalf of your Domain. An example would be a baker making cakes. He doesn't have any players interested in buying the cakes or he needs to get rid of them fast so he turns them into specific NPC locations. The NPCs do not give currency in return. These "donations" go towards developing your domain and supplying the NPC portion of your domain which is all done by the game, not player influenced. Your standing in your domain will increase, you may gain participation, as well increase the chance/amount of Domain tokens you can acquire. The more wealth the domain NPCs are provided the stronger and more capable they will be when defending PvP objectives.

Excess wealth acquired by the domain NPCs would be returned, based upon participation, as dividends to the players. This is how Domain tokens are added to the game. Once Domain tokens are in the economy they become a commodity that is able to be traded/exchanged for certain benefits. As a player you can participate in the NPC economy to benefit your domain and earn a shot at being rewarded Domain tokens or you can gain tokens just by selling/trading stuff.

There is potential to allow guild leaders to place bounties/rewards upon completing specific tasks. If you exhibit your valor in combat, you may be rewarded by the guild controlling the keep for your service in protecting their lands. It would help build co-operative relationships in a game where community strength is critical for game success.

More to come, but I didn't want to make this post any longer than it already is.

MMORPG; Full Loot in a Non-Free for All PvP Game

10 September 2012 - 04:34 PM

Player types:
Faction Member

Basic Gameplay in regards to types:

By default players are innocent civilians. If a player commits a crime, stealing from a player or grave robbing amongst other potential crimes, they are flagged as criminal. Initially the time of being flagged criminal depends on the offense, but if you continue to commit crimes on a regular basis this duration can increase and become quite a hindrance to your safety in the world. Commit crimes at your own risk!

Players can join one of three factions. These factions are all against each other. Opposing faction members are able to be attacked without any criminal penalty.

No player, unless flagged criminal or a member of an opposing faction, can be attacked by another player against their will. If you do certain activities to put yourself at risk, that is your responsibility, but by default all the innocent players need to be wary of are thieves. No free for all PvP, no outright murderers. If a criminal is attacked by an innocent player, that criminal and that criminal alone, is able to retaliate and defend themselves. Use of Area of Effect abilities must be used with caution as they will affect criminals by default.

In free for all PvP games I can understand how full loot can be detrimental to the enjoyability of the game. You suit up as a regular old innocent Joe and go off to hunt only to be promptly murdered for your belongings/out of spite/general douchebaggery. Now, if murdering(FFA PvP) is not in the game, does full loot(inventory and equipped) become more agreeable?

MMO with Discovery as Prime Content Advancement

10 December 2011 - 02:37 PM

Discover a world, not just explore it.

As an alternative to traditional MMORPG design and development I propose that a world should be unknown to the player before playing it. For example, the people's of the world have been massacred and pushed out of their once thriving cities. What remains of known society has taken refuge on an island off the southern coast where they have been gathering strength in an effort to reclaim their lands. The first influx of players are responsible for being the initial settlers of the world. They must establish themselves to the point where they can construct boats to sail to the mainlands. From there players are able to establish player structures and revive civilization to further their efforts towards retaking old cities.

The world would be similar in design theory to that of Ultima Online in that it would be a seamless world with no artificial barriers, just natural terrain, with no pre-existing map to go off of. If you sail too far north, you eventually come up from the southern portion of the world, no end of the world. There would be a fixed third person camera angle as well, giving the viewpoint similar to that of UO as well, updated for modern resolutions/technology of course.There is no free for all PvP. Through capturing past portions of society you are able to unlock various factions/skills/item recipes/abilities. Players that discover these recipes, some more rare than others, would be able to teach them to other players. If things aren't passed down they will eventually fall into disuse and potentially may no longer exist within the game world.

Through discovery and social interaction the players are able to advance their character as they see fit in a non-class based system. Player owned/rented structures are going to be key towards providing an enjoyable experience to the players. Being able to display your item collections/decorate your buildings is a must have.

I wish I could have been more thorough, but my co-worker insists that I actually do my job, so I must be off. Thoughts/comments on this form of game would be appreciated. I understand that testing is very much required and people are terrible at keeping secrets. This isn't a AAA idea, this is a game idea. I will be open to elaborate on any concerns later, but for now I must be off.

Limiting Scope to Ease Development: Only PvP Portion of Game

05 September 2011 - 12:17 PM

For the past few years I have been tinkering, researching, and trying to compose an MMORPG concept that fills the needs of the MMO community. This lead me down a path of providing a more open world approach while still limiting players to classes and providing a PvP system similar to Dark Age of Camelot's frontiers RVR. I have come to terms with the fact that it would be a massive undertaking of which an independent group would most likely struggle to create. What I have now decided to look into is to narrow the focus to one aspect of the game and try and create that to increase the chance of success. If successful there is always the opportunity to further expand the game beyond it's initial scope. I will now try and provide a brief look as to what I have focused onto and would be greatly appreciative of criticism and if available, technical thoughts on how best to implement the project.

The scope has been narrowed down to the Faction vs Faction vs Faction area of the world. It is still possible to provide a leveling system, crafting, and other aspects of RPGs, but the focus would be to create an enjoyable PvP experience first and foremost and depth could be added when and if able.

  • There will be three factions with faction specific classes.
  • The game space is preferred to be one seamless area that would provide three separate areas for each faction connected by a neutral area. World size to be determined by technical constraints and population expectations.
  • There will be standard keeps, more like towers than castles, established in the world by developers that will be of strategic importance that can be claimed by members of the faction in possession.
  • There will be non-standard keeps that's design will be determined upon the conclusion of other points of interest. These non-standard keeps will contain the most desirable of content and will be much more difficult to assault.
  • Players will be able to construct defensive structures to fortify the standard keeps to make them more defensible, build walls to inhibit enemy movement, and even setup outposts along heavily traveled paths for the safety of the faction's population.
  • Players must gather the required resources to build structures. Structures will be balanced by resources required and time required to build.
  • Gameplay will include character development, siege warfare, open field battles, scouting, and other tasks to further the success of the player's faction.
Do you feel an RVR only gameplay experience could be enjoyable?

To streamline design and development an existing engine will need to be used, do you feel that there is an engine/kit that would be best suited for the undertaking? Modding, rather than creating, is also a possibility if there is something available.

Thanks for your time,

MMORPG: Stealth Mechanics

24 August 2011 - 03:36 PM

Love it or hate it, Stealth is a topic that is a hot spot for most MMORPGs. Striking a balance of quality gameplay, a useful skill, and avoiding over dominance of the ability brings forth this topic.

What is the best way to implement a stealth system without making it too powerful?

Feel free to just comment on games that you have played that included stealth and how you liked/disliked it along with what you felt could be done to improve upon it.

The context of which my primary concern lies within a game concept I am fleshing out where there are fourteen classes per side and two of the classes will have access to Stealth in some form. I will be typing up my thoughts on the matter once I leave work this evening


My experiences with stealth in an MMO atmosphere come primarily from Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, Rift, and even Plantside.

Out of those I personally enjoyed the freedom that stealth provided my Ranger in DAoC. It had many stages of evolution throughout playing the game. Overly dominate to utterly useless. Adjustments to stealth detection or the lack there of were the major influences on the power of the ability. It cloaked you into a semi-transparent model if detected, invisible if undetected, and it slowed the movement speed of the player. The higher your stealth the faster you could move. Stealth capped out at 50 skill and was determined by nothing other than your class, assassin or archer variant, and the amount of points you put towards the skill.

I also thoroughly enjoyed my stealth suit wearing New Conglomerate soldier in Planetside. It restricted your inventory space and prevented you from wielding any weapon larger than a pistol. When cloaked you were invisible while standing still, if undetected by a player's dark light implant , and became more visible the faster that you traveled. You didn't lose any movement speed with this outfit.

What I would like to do is design the skill so that a player's attributes, the skill level of their stealth, and movement speed determine the potency. Detection of stealth would also be determined by similar statistics. Those that have stealth skill are better able to detect it. Certain attributes enhance a player's ability to detect stealth. Lastly I think movement should play a part. If you are moving it should be harder for you to detect stealthed characters to help prevent people from running speed buffed around at maximum speed tab targeting to find people that are stealthed.

I am tempted to go with the invisible unless detected as the game would be slower paced than that of the combat in Planetside. I would like the players to actually be able to scout enemy troop movements with some diligence. Movement speed while stealthed would be slowed similar to that of DAoC. Rather than implementing Camouflage(If out of combat for certain amount of time, archers could put up Camouflage on top of stealth to become harder to detect to be better scouts rather than better aggressors) like DAoC eventually did. Sadly Camouflage ended up making archers feel forced to wait out the duration of reusing Camouflage before being able to participate in RVR.

Rather than Camouflage I was thinking of having multiple states of stealth. There could be an aggressive stealth that was faster movement speed, but easier detection. A defensive, scout oriented one, that gave you a bonus to not being detected, but would prevent you from attacking a target until out of the defensive stealth for a certain amount of time, unless attacked first. Players should always be able to defend themselves if not Crowd Controlled. These different states of being stealthed would not require the player to exit stealth before changing the state of stealth. There would be a default one that gave regular stealth speed and regular detection that had no restrictions on attacking players. So Aggressive, Defensive and Standard stealth would exist.