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Journal of the Mini-Engine (ME) > The Battle Continues

Posted 10 December 2011

It has been long since I updated my engine. This is mostly due to school. I am hoping to write more after my final exams. This should be an exciting xmas!

So far I have decided to go with OpenGL. However, I am still struggling to choose which version to support. I'd probably going to use shader version 130 with OpenGL 3.0. I also decided to...

Journal of the Mini-Engine (ME) > OpenGL and DirectX

Posted 27 September 2011

It seems as I continue my journey into M.E. development, I cannot devote 100% attention if I were to implement OpenGL and DirectX at the same time. Therefore, I must make a choice on which to focus. In the end, I chose OpenGL and this is because many platforms use it! More over, I am very excited about OpenGL 3.x and 4.x, which are newer versions of...

Journal of the Mini-Engine (ME) > Leaving the world of consoles

Posted 06 September 2011

Ever since my first programming experience, I have been taught to use the console. Regardless of the language I program in, I always find it intuitive to print out values with simple functions such as "println(), printf(), cout <<..." and so on. However, to program something like a game engine, I would have to leave that world and enter the...