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Some quations about FMOD designer API

23 May 2013 - 09:38 PM

Recently I‘m using FMOD designer API to build my game audio system.I‘v never use sound before so I‘m very confused.please help me with these questions:

1.What is FMOD::MusicSystem used for? To play background music according to game play status?For example ,When the player walk into a battle field background music change from some lyrical music to drums sounds to tall player to prepare for fight.Am I think right?

2.What is "cue" "theme" in FMOD music system means?

3.In FMOD Designer application I can use Audition Console to trigger music cue to pay some music,the music segment (if has loop on) will loop until I stop the music (by push the button of the cue).but in my application when I use FMOD::musicSystm::promptCue to play the "cue" the music segment just play once!What is the right way to play those "cue"?

Thanks for reading my post.

problems of designing a Real-Time Collision Detection System

21 July 2012 - 09:00 PM

(I am not an English speaker,I hope you can understand my words)
I am designing my Collision Detection System for my Engine and I got some problems. First I think it is OK to detect Object-Object collision by just test if their Bounding Volume(AABB in my engine) collide,but it is not enough for Ray-Object case.When I want some more accurate results I have to lock the vertex buffer and index buffer of the geometry and test all triangles against the ray in object space.I am been told that locking the buffer of rendering geometry is inefficent so I want to find some way to get more approximate results for ray-object collision but not to lock the buffer of the geometry.Maybe I should use tighter bounding volume like k-DOP and convex hull but I think It didn't work well when the geometry is very concave.
I will be very grateful if you can give me some suggestions.

Some problem with dveloping 3Ds max plugin

13 March 2012 - 05:19 AM

I am a student in China so please forgive my poor English. I have some problem with programming my Export plugin for 3Ds max. The plugin always crashed when I am calling IGameMesh->GetNumberOfVerts().I think that means I had some bad operations on heap memory,but I don't know how to find it.I used to use the Tool named Global Flags To find the memory problem for exe,but it did not work while I am debuging my plugin project( maybe I just did not config the tool correctly ).Dose any body can tell me how can I fix this problem,or just tell me how to debug the plugin correctly to find the location of bad memory operation.

here is the screen shot of my configuration.
Attached File  None.jpg   58.86KB   18 downloads

And my enviropment is VS2010 with maxSDK2012

Thank you very much