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In Topic: Specter - 2D action platformer - Asking for feedback!

24 October 2013 - 12:16 PM

Thank you for playing! (and sorry for the late answer, for some reason I didn't get a notification)


- I got a power, but had no idea of how to use it. I used it by chance, when I was telling him to run, but then randomly decided to attack. Maybe if you inserted a small power preview after we acquire it, it would be good. Even if it's just a text showing the "command" and a door for us to enter and leave the level (instead of auto-finish), with the clock stopped.


Oh, that's interesting, there should be a tutorial level after you unlock an ability. If that didn't load then that's a bug I haven't experienced yet. Gotta check what's going on there. Did you get to the score screen?


- we can't turn when we are attacking. This got me really frustrated a couple of times. It creates the possibility of attacking to the right while walking to the left, but I would prefer it if it was like the classics.


I did some research on that. Rogue Legacy does it similar to how we do it. Maybe I need to reduce the time for which you keep facing the same direction?


- There's no score counter on screen, given this is a 1-2-3 star type of game, it'd be nice to see the score while playing.


Some indication how well you are doing in the level is definitely needed. We do have a more complex score system though, The 1-2-3 stars are just for the "battle events" (e.g. the arena at the end of the first level).


I'm happy that you like the game! We're just two people doing this in our spare time and it's great to see that people enjoy to play the results of our work!

In Topic: Now on indie Db (reached 43rd)

18 October 2013 - 11:39 AM


I'm not excactly sure how the algorithm works over there though.


I think it's based on plain number of views (which are reset each day).

In Topic: Graphics Gale Exporter

16 May 2013 - 05:16 AM

Thank you for your appreciation GameCreator!

Judging from the number of views this thread is getting, I'd say, that not a lot of people are interested in GraphicsGale in general. Oh, well, I guess I'll do this anyway. I'm still in the "gather stuff for your portfolio" phase and I can justify spending my time on projects like this quite easily.

I'll post a link to the repository as soon as I have something noteworthy.

In Topic: C++ 2d Game engine

13 May 2013 - 03:47 AM

While SFML is not an engine, but rather a framework, I think it is a great starting point anyway. It has a large community, good tutorials and follows object oriented design principles. Setting it up is quite easy and getting something to show up on the screen is a matter of minutes.

It doesn't have an editor, physics or anything else a proper game engine might have though.

In Topic: Game Jams, when can I participate?

27 April 2013 - 03:04 PM

Basically, what Rld_ said!

I went to my first game jam just under a year ago and it completely changed how I go about making games and how I interact with the local community. I was worried about my skill level as well, I thought that I might detract from the experience of the other people. That was never a problem.

During my first jam I made a game in five hours, I didn't know what I was doing, but everyone loved it. Getting feedback like that, from people who might have years of industry experience, will boost your moral extremely.

Since then I have been to around ten other game jams, including the Global Game Jam in January and never had a bad experience. Everyone's just so nice! We get a lot of new people coming in all the time. People who often don't know anything about coding at all, but that doesn't matter. As long as you are passionate about making games you'll find a place and make great friends along the way.


Edit: If you wanna check out what kinda games are made during game jams and get an idea what you can expect check out the Berlin Mini Game Jam blog (8 hour jams) or Ludum Dare which is actually going on right now (online, 48 (?) hours).