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WoA II Journal > Week of Awesome II: Post Mortem

Posted 10 October 2014

Been busy and burnt out during the past two weeks, I finally got some time and motivation today and think I'll finish my post mortem before the results come out.

Thanks to slicer4ever for putting this game jam together. Thanks to all the sponsors, judges, competitors, and everyone, this is a nice experience.

What went Right?

Having a working...

WoA II Journal > Week of Awesome II #7 Submission!

Posted 28 September 2014

As predicted, day 6 was nearly non-existent. Also failed to add more levels. It's 2 am in my timezone now, 10 hours before the deadline, but I really need some sleep and never had the ability to stay up all night anyway.

Was hoping to make some colored moving platforms. Coding will be fast, but designing a level with it won't.

So here is my final submis...

WoA II Journal > Week of Awesome II #5 URSA

Posted 26 September 2014

Day 5. Not so much progress today.

And I have a title and title menu!

The game will be called "Your soul alone", or ursa.

I think the best part of this theme is that your 3-year-old drawing skill will fit it perfectly.

Also changed the color triggering mechanism into Red-Yellow-Blue instead of Red-Green-Blue. Guess it will be more intuitive for non-p...

WoA II Journal > Week of Awesome II #4 beta is out!

Posted 25 September 2014

Day 4. Completed a level, hacked together some menu codes stolen from previous project, and now I have a playable demo:
Link: http://azureblaze.idv.tw/woa_rev631.rar

Supposedly this is not an actual submission. Didn't even have a title yet.
Just want to test if the game mechanics worked out as intended.

DirectX runtime http://www.microso...

WoA II Journal > Week of Awesome II #3

Posted 24 September 2014

Third day!
Seems to have completed all the core mechanics I need and made the tutorial level:

Ended up binding some portions of Box2D into the scripting system. This makes controlling those disappearing blocks easier. Maybe I'll bind the whole library someday. The more you can done with scripting the bette...