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what if IP of a contractor you hired is not his/her IP?

08 May 2014 - 06:18 PM

Hi all,


Okay, lets say you open the company. your game is about to finish. you hire someone as a contractor for composing musics and he/she does a great job. You release your game and you find out that the composed music wasn't really the intellectual property of a contractor that you hired. Just to make the situation worst, the original owners of the intellectual property suddenly decides to sue you for stealing their work. Now the questions I want to find out are:


1: Who should be paying the legal fees? company or the contractor you hired?

2: if its the company then are there anyways to make it so that the contractor would be responsible if something like this happens?



Thank you in advance,

Kind regards.

Business Start up model with Freelancer or Contractor.

25 February 2014 - 01:02 PM

Hi There,


We are based on Uk and we soon be ready to release our first title. We come to a point now where we want to open a company that is shared between in our team.  We done a bit of investigation and we could potentially all register as a shareholder and go for a limited company. Procedure for this seems simple as we can simply go to the website and fill the necessary forms.


What I would like to know is , what would happen if some of the team members decide  not  to become part of the overall company but simply would like a share from the profit we made from the game we worked on together?  Can they become freelancers or contractors who could just ask for a share from the profit made from the game? If so, what sort of Business & law paper works we need to fill in? if its not are there another  ways to do this?


Please keep in mind we are from UK. if your not in same region please at least provide us with the information of where you based on.


Thank you so much.

Anyway to saving a game before game is killed?

09 March 2013 - 09:48 PM

Hi folks,


I am in a situation  where I need to make sure that when a player kills the game  and restart it doesn't loose the game content. This is need it in order to reduce cheating.


Let me clear this a bit more. I am doing a protect the base sort of game, where you are responsible of protecting the base. The scoring will be based on how many virtual days you can protect your base from the attacking A.I models. For this reason I would like to show Game Over scene when the player's base is captured. They have to start from day one to play the game again once the nasty Game Over is displayed.


The problem is that  the game will be  auto saved  every time player completes a day successfully. I need this save mechanic in order to give a player the option of continuing the game later on. This is where the problem comes in. If players  know that they are in a situation where the Game Over is unavoidable, they can simply kill the game and start over from the last saved day. They can keep repeating this until they pass the day. So my question is , "Is there a way that allows me to save the game before killing the game or shutting down the IOS device.(iPhone &iPad) or do you have another idea that could be used"


Many Thanks.

Coding Game update for IOS

10 December 2011 - 08:41 AM

Hi there,

I am dying find an answer to this (probabily) simple yet unanswered question on the net. Can someone explain How can I implement an update to a game that already has been posted in apple's application store? The content of the updates would be bug fixes and additional game levels.

best regards,

Inertial Reference Frame & inertial coordinate space

03 May 2011 - 06:19 PM

Hi all. I am a newbie at this matricies and all. I hope I didnt ask a weird question.

I have 2 questions which i couldnt find an answer that would make sense on internet. Is "Inertial reference frame" has the same meaning as Inertial Coordinate space?

Also was wondering if my understanding correct regarding to Intertial Coordinat space.I ll explain this with an example to make it simple for my self.

lets say axes of the Absolut coordinate space is defined by a simple diagonal 4x4 row matrix
A =

Lets say the axes of the inertial coordinate space is defined by another 4 x 4 row matrix.

I =

and lets say i have an object where the center of mass is reletive to InertialSpace(I)
C.O.M = 4D row vector [2,0,0,1]

if i rotate the inertial space "lets say 90 degree around the z axis" of absolut coordinate space (A) would also transform the object that is connected to Inertial space (I).am I correct at this?