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In Topic: Game Programming Future ?

Today, 07:35 PM



I'm going off-topic here, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you posting about how you've had bad experiences on other game dev related forums.

You've been a member of this forum for little over a week and you start calling a large part of its userbase "idiots" (yes, even though we develop games we're still consumers) and you start bashing some very talented and experienced people (some of those who also frequent these forums) while incoherently ranting about how bad you think video games are these days.

I can absolutely see why these other forums might have had a bad opinion of you.


It is fair to have to have opinions on the state of the industry that go against the popular opinion, but if you want to get your points across you might want to rethink your phrasing. Don't expect to get a lot of sympathy by insulting the people you're having a discussion with.


I do not know what you're trying to prove, maybe you're a troll and you're doing this for fun, I don't care, but if you genuinely want to contribute please reconsider how you want to get your point across because this is not working.

In Topic: What are your opinions on DX12/Vulkan/Mantle?

Today, 06:41 PM

That is indeed a much more reasonable way to look at it. 


I like to see it as AMD lighting a fire under both Microsoft and Krohnos's asses by showing them that developers do truly want and need new and better ways to interact with graphics hardware on PC. If you want to call that Microsoft being inspired by AMD that's totally valid, but the APIs themselves while sharing certain concepts (just like previous versions of DirectX and OpenGL shared concepts) are very very different.

In Topic: What are your opinions on DX12/Vulkan/Mantle?

Today, 05:51 PM

Direct3D 12 is based on Mantle and some reports say it will replace it.
Vulcan may or may not be based on Mantle.

L. Spiro


There has never been any mention of D3D12 being based off of Mantle, nor did Microsoft ever make any statement about that. 

AMD however has stated that they provided Khronos with Mantle to use as a base, and from what I can see they pretty much did draw inspiration from it.

In Topic: Shadows in Space

25 May 2015 - 01:57 PM

So the first trick I suggest is to apply some environmental lighting. How you want to do it is dependent on you. What I suggest are two different enviormental lighting layers.


Environmental lighting in space? I assume we're talking about an inter-planetary travel kind of situation where we're not up close to any planet surface and where we can't distinguish too many detailed planetary surface features. Tell me, which large surface exactly does the light from a nearby star reflect off of to warrant a strong environmental/bounce light influence? Yes, there's always going to be some amount of indirect light hitting any surface, but in a setting where objects are separated from each other by massive distances this is going to be quite negligible.


Of course you can use artistic freedom and paint in very bright and colorful nebulae all over the place which drastically influence a planet/celestial body's surface in some way, but this doesn't seem very realistic to me.


Honestly, the only time you'd actually get any benefit of doing a shadow implementation at all at this level of detail is if one celestial body occludes incoming light from a star to another celestial body (an eclipse) which is actually somewhat rare as far as I know.

In Topic: Does my game engine make me less of a game developer?

19 May 2015 - 01:34 PM

Unless you build your physics engines from scratch (like j. carmack and me) you will never be a "real" developer. Only one of those point and click kiddos. The path of a jedi lies before you.


Pff, everyone knows real developers only use a magnetized needle and a steady hand!


Also, you must be the most humble person alive, comparing yourself to Carmack and all with your l33t gamemaker skills ;)


PS: It smells an awful lot like troll in here