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In Topic: How to bind a 3d noise volume

17 November 2013 - 02:59 PM

GL_TEXTURE_3D perhaps.  It works for me.

In Topic: Glsl shader wont compile

17 November 2013 - 02:26 PM

For many drivers, the same problem will occur if you try to write to a variable that is being passed down the line. 

In Topic: API Wars horror - Will it matter?

21 July 2013 - 10:24 PM

Also if a game company wants to use some obscure new DX function they can call up somebody at Microsoft and have a programmer leased to them until the issue is solved. I'm sorry, but this world exists only in your mind. A lot of us are annoyed because DX support from Microsoft is the worst it's been in literally decades.


Really. This only exists in my mind.... If UbiSoft offers to pay Microsoft for one of their DirectX consulting programmers, you don't think that this will happen?


As for the rest of the insulting things you said to me, I'll respond with the following.  Promit, you're an idiot.  People like you are the reason sites like this have such bad reputations for being overpopulated with arrogant, condescending, know-it-all, half-wits.  You're one of the big-fish in this department.

In Topic: API Wars horror - Will it matter?

21 July 2013 - 09:10 PM

Microsoft likes to use DirectX to launch the newest OS they have for sale.  Microsoft has almost unlimited resources and lines of credit.  They can dump a billion dollars a year into the newest version of DirectX if they want to. 


Also if a game company wants to use some obscure new DX function they can call up somebody at Microsoft and have a programmer leased to them until the issue is solved. 


If the drivers for a major hardware company is having problems with a new DirectX API, You can be sure Microsoft will throw money at the problem to make it go away. 

OpenGL doesn't have this vastly wealthy champion to ride in and fix problems in a timely fashion.


If DX didn't run at least a little bit faster, then I'd have to ask, "where is all that money going?"  Of course newer features are often faster and more consistent across GPU's.


Personally, I'm not going to help MS black-ball people into buying a new OS. 


If you choose one or the other, I'd say you should choose which ever one feels most natural for you, I modify this point with a few more as follows.


I started with OpenGL because it made sense to me sooner than DX did. 


Now I also consider cross-platform issues.


I also now consider this to be an ethical issue as well. 


I do not like how Microsoft does business and I am not going to help them any more than I have to. This is no different then the idea of voting with your wallet.  If you do not like how they do business then don't support them any more than you have to.  If money is all you think about, then team up with MS and you'll likely be very happy as well.


If you feel that DX is the better API then use it, otherwise don't, or learn both. 


There is no "war", this is drama and rhetoric for people who are upset at having to learn more than one thing, sort of like-> "Use what I prefer or you're a stupid-head!"

In Topic: When to load the Final Boss in a Game

21 July 2013 - 08:44 PM

A person should not become so caught up in optimization that they never get anything done because they are continuously caught up in squeezing out yet another 1% performance improvement.  But to say that optimization should not even be considered is very questionable.  It should not hold a person back but it also should never be completely gone from a person thinking when they are building something.


To say that a person should not optimize is to say that a person should not use VBO's or whatever the DirectX equivalent is.  This is also like saying that a person should use an uncompressed format like .bmp.   Also it is like saying that a person should not consider sending indices to the GPU.  It is also like saying that a person should not work on keeping their model's poly count low.   "Who cares about optimization?...  let's build dozen's of models with 10,000,000 triangles each into our game!"


If a person ignores these things then their project space will be the size of a blu-ray disk for just one level and the game will likely run at only one or two frames per second on even the fastest machines. 


Paying attention to optimization is fundamental.  It is like anything else.  If you do not consider it and learn it, and put it into practice then you will never understand it or be able to implement it.  You cannot get good at something by ignoring it. 


Having to re-build the entire infrastructure of a software package after it's been built up for years to accommodate future optimization that was never considered before is a real possibility if this fundamental idea is neglected.


To be honest, I don't care what other people do in this regard.  If I some day install some bloated, inefficient software that doesn't run on my machine, I'm just going to erase it and I won't think twice about it.  When people ask me about the software I'll tell them it sucks and it wasn't written properly, you have to buy a $4000.00 dollar machine to run it. 


Unless that software is a killer-app, very few people will respond differently.


I don't view people around here as my competition, I like to communicate with like minded people and I also like to help people, I don't view this any differently then when I wash dishes or clean tables at the local homeless soup kitchen.  I'm not going to argue with anyone about this, there would be no point.  Nobody is bound by law to pay attention to optimization but it is a guaranteed fact that you will be making everyone else who does pay attention to optimization look a whole lot better in contrast to you. 


It's your name that's going on the product, it yours to do with as you please.  How do you want people to view your name?



P.S.  Try this experiment, make up a super amazing resume that no game company could possibly ignore but start it off with the following.


Now send it off to a bunch of companies and see if it receives any replies.