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Keith G

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#5164650 Name for a game where you are a dictator

Posted by Keith G on 03 July 2014 - 03:16 PM

President for life



I like this one a lot.

#5161107 Pixel pig title screen

Posted by Keith G on 17 June 2014 - 11:23 AM

I am dying of laughter.  Thanks, technos.

#5160509 [Composer] Matt O'Haira's first Lp needs Feedback

Posted by Keith G on 14 June 2014 - 09:56 AM

Matt I love your stuff.  Cyberpunk Lightning/Buildings on Acid sounds a lot like something Frank Klepacki would put together for a Command and Conquer game. Both are very engaging.   Not This Place reminded me of Silent Hill 2 ost.  In particular, this, but I think yours wins honestly.  The mod wahh could probably be turned down, it's a bit abrasive at the moment.  QCF + P would be cool for a monster truck game, but it doesn't fit my needs personally for a fighting theme.  Great track though.  I didn't really understand the transition at 2:40, it was basically two different tracks.  The second part here though reminded me of Devil May Cry...  Running in Darkness sounds like something you might hear in a fighting game, but could have so SO many uses.  Wanted could fit a theme like Grand Theft Auto and obviously a more western game, really awesome track there Matt.  The Anchor could fit avenues like The Last of Us sound track or other cinematic type games, but the ambiance you found in that song reminds me a bit of some of blended guitar and reverb of the Diablo 2 ost.  Good stuff, make more.

#5159500 "The Saga Begins" a new film style song by me.

Posted by Keith G on 10 June 2014 - 07:35 AM

Not bad.  I wouldn't give away the full chord progression right away though.  Did you find that it was hard to change to something different after so long?  I suggest more build up before navigating the progression and exploring variations in sound.  For example, build up the song using only the first chord in the progression for a few measures and see what naturally surfaces.  Music is very much the same as emergent design.  If you box yourself in too quickly, you miss out on a lot of cool stuff.

#5159491 Three new songs

Posted by Keith G on 10 June 2014 - 07:10 AM

I wasn't sure if you are looking for critique, but here goes.  


Gathering Resources instantly reminded me of a less campy version of the Sims 3 menu music (or maybe some of the townsfolk themes from Edward Scissorhands).  I enjoyed the addition of tension at about :50, but I feel like there could be another layer of quiet arpeggio to accompany the piece in various spots.  At about 1:45, the quiet nature and minimalist approach works perfectly and I wouldn't change a thing.  Very nice work there.


Stake Your Claim is fun.  I can imagine exploring and setting up my claim.  The piece captures that naivety of starting new.  The maraca was somewhat repetitive.  It could be broken up more with a longer/quiet scraping sound similar to how a snare breaks up a beat.  


A Beautiful Home is a very nice piece.  It carries a lot of atmosphere with it, much better than the previous two in that regard.  This one seems more mystical and arcane.  You can feel the ancient lore in this song.  I do really like this!  It seems to fit the theme of the game the most.  Good work!