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Keith G

Member Since 15 May 2011
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Looking for criticism

15 May 2011 - 03:44 PM

A few of you might remember me from years ago. I'm older, a bit wiser, and have returned to seek advice and criticism. Thanks for listening.

The skulls are attacking me [mp3]
Genre: Fighting

Absolution into the Sky [ mp3 ] [ ogg ]
"Let great wings take them to distant stars, for this is the dawn of a new epoch."

The Inner Chamber [mp3] [ogg]
"...in our search for the material, we had discovered a vast underground system of ancient monoliths.
The impressive structures were formed of rock, however, an archaic science of metal gears and other such
molding had been grafted to them as well as inside of them. Their purpose we do not yet understand..."

Black Sky Theme [mp3] [ogg]
"I had placed highest in my class, but nothing could prepare me for the day I met the crew for the first time."
This song could be good for choosing your party, upgrading your ship, etc.

High Tension [mp3] [ogg]
"This galaxy proved more difficult than we had first thought. Treacherous asteroid fields blocked our paths and required excellent maneuvering on our part."

Forward March [mp3] [ogg]
Possibly for a Black Sky trailer? Also, this one isn't completed just yet. Gotta fix some timing issues here and there. Perhaps I'll slap a fade-in onto it. But besides that, it's done.

A sketch [mp3]