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ConsoleDX v2 Released

09 August 2013 - 04:36 PM



Wanted to drop in and say that the third major iteration of the "console powered by DirectX" project is out, available now as ConsoleDX v2.0.


This software is free.  ConsoleDX is a UI replacement for the Windows console/command line window.  Instead of the boring black-and-white command line you’re used to, ConsoleDX gives you glowing letters and cursors, shimmering digital rain, zooming stars, and many other customizable themes.



DirectX Powered Console Apps

13 September 2012 - 04:59 PM

I've created a console front-end for Windows console apps using DirectX: Consolium. It allows for glowing cursors, visual effects, all while running a console app, be it cmd.exe, Powershell, the Python interpreter, MySql, or the UNIX-ish CygWin tools.


Themes are fully customizable, as are cursors and many of the textures used.

This is a follow on to Tritium, a command line interface I released in January. Tritium was similar, but could not run interactive applications, or anything like ftp, Python, MySql, or Powershell. I created a completely new backend for Consolium that integrates directly with the console.

The current release is an unrestricted beta. The 1.0 release will require no license keys, and the 'trial' will not have a forced expiration or be limited in anyway.

Please take a look...feature requests and bug gripes always welcome!


Cmd.exe Redone in DirectX

10 January 2012 - 05:26 PM

Hello everyone...I joined up early last year but never got around to posting, and now what I was working on is finally (almost) done.

It's a DirectX powered command line environment for Windows. Basically cmd.exe redone with graphics acceleration. It's called Tritium.

So if you pop up a command window to run svn, start builds, check network connectivity, and so on, with Tritium you can do it in a way that looks far cooler! Tritium has a bunch of different themes and special effects, and is fully customizable. It has a configuration tool that is flexible, but it also has human-readable configuration files and editable texture files (.png).

Please try it out if it sounds appealing: http://www.stewdogdigital.com/try.html

Posted Image
This is the command line window...it works just like a cmd.exe prompt, except the background has a digital rain effect going on...

Posted Image
This is the configuration window....lots of options but you can override things directly in the config files.

Usage and theme creation are fully documented at http://www.stewdogdi...umentation.html

Please take a look, and please forgive me if you think this is unwarranted spam...it's just an announcement.