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#5031145 Medieval MMO, thouble with lack of things to do

Posted by on 11 February 2013 - 12:43 PM

The problem your having is your controlling the element of gameplay to much.


War, unfortunatly is something that players love to do. The reason being is competition. Mind you not everyone wants to do it, but there is 0 competition in your game right now. You need some element that keeps everything at bay, keeps you holding onto the game, keeps you coming back for more. Right now as it seems, what you do in the game is...well nothing. There is no penalty for not doing anything and no penalty for just doing things. The progressional chain that you have reeps no rewards towards a show off system.


You could add some way to make it so you earn items, collectibles etc that give an advantage. Or hold a social aspect of voting for best town, house, farm something. What you need is a socially driven magnet on making someone better than the joneses. Or add in PVP and allow people to kill eachother off. That will form alliances, guilds. Maybe accelerate your time a little, you said you wanted it close to historically accurate right? Why not have contributions towards a war that happened, have people make blackmsiths, do missions making weapons etc. You can have alliances that attempt to make more resources for the war.

#5031032 Gauging interest in design - WAKE: Evolution through Extinction

Posted by on 11 February 2013 - 07:49 AM

What you have here is a story.


A game needs game play. This is where your going to have your meat and potatoes of a story get chopped down into 4$ steak with some instant mash potatoes.


To be blunt and honest, its a decent story-ish... almost like a HALO meets PROTOTYPE meets aliens style. But how are you going to convey this. What are your plans? What mechanics are you going to use to carry the story forward. If your character is introduced too early and being full of life to early your game gets stale because there is no challange. Yet, if you do it too late you have the issue of boredom from non-character progression.


The story could work, but the arc of the story vs the gameplay is going to have to be redone. I say this because your going to have to make some decisions on your game play elements and ensuring your making a game and not  just an interactive movie (AKA FF13.)


Since this is in the Game Design forum,


You told us the story, start discussing the ideas of play. What format are you exploring? An interactive story? A top down survival shooter? What year is this set in? Is it a flight simulator? Maybe a Parkour style like Mirrors edge..


Give a little more on the subject of the game and a little less on the story. Remember, in games everything has to be flexible. Including the story. It will more than likely change from iteration to iteration based on gameplay and how it flows.


As cool as this dramatic story line is, the attention span of players is how fast can I hit the X button bypass this story. Story games seldom get the attention they need/deserve mainly because people just don't have the patience to explore it. So how can you translate your story from Story to Game.

#4971483 Which Animation software

Posted by on 20 August 2012 - 08:51 AM

I would reccomend Blender, however if I am not mistaken Blender's use of size/grid on initial starting and setup does something wierd to the model when imported to UDK and you have to fidget with creating sizes. Don't qoute me on that, but I am almost positive that Blender still has the scaling issue for UDK exporting/importing.

*IE: You export a model which looks correct in Blender, on import it brings everything to Godzilla size portions into UDK.

I would reccomend Maya (Personally love it) as well as 3D Studio Max. If your running on a budget, give Milkshape3D a try. They are very useful to make animations/models in as well as porting/converting. (I have been guilty of importing models from one system through Milk3D and exporting to another format.)

If you are wanting to just do a basic sculpt, try ZBrush.

#4883414 Advancing beyond a (advanced)beginner

Posted by on 13 November 2011 - 01:41 AM

Honestly my advice is to solve a problem.

When you make silly little contraptions in your head thats where the value of learning and problem solving comes into play. What I mean is making something completly off the wall and unique to you. Something that you know is a hrm, how would I tackle this? How would a computer handle it. By doing this you set yourself up to fail. Failing sadly is the best way to learn, by failing in a positive manner your going to continue your research and learning.

Heres an example:

Lets say you want to learn more. How can you make a character drawn on screen on a platform and make a platform. Create it. Now that you did that, add some new functionality and ask a question. How can I have the game track the amount of footsteps the character has done and award an achievement based on it. (Now your learning about handling variables over a longer period of time and memmory managment). How can I make it so when the character has the ability to go down a path it rotates the images and shows a side view of the view, or how do I add an inventory system to this platformer. How do I add a score system, howabout a continue screen, lives, fireballs, guns, badguys, a end goal, cheat codes..

I just gave you a good bit of assignments... trying new things will force you to learn. Looking it up online is ok, but try to tackle how you think it would work first. When you have, and you cannot progress come here, ask other programmers to help you, this allows them to learn and see what you got and interact with how you code aswell. Doing this will bring life into the community as well as show you how others in the world learn just what your learning. Hell, you might even build a minigroup and start tackling larger scale projects. In the end.. you will learn something.

#4881986 If you could make any game you wanted...

Posted by on 08 November 2011 - 10:50 PM

I had been working on a game and then cancelled it because its a horrid solo project to work on.

Maybe if I got enough people interested I would work on it. It was called MANSAR, Mr Awesome's Not So Awesome Reality. Basically the concept followed a superhero named Mr. Awesome and just about how Awesome he is. You would start off the game learning how to do the basics, like running, jumping etc. The first few stages of the levels were planned as tutorials and showing how awesome of a superhero you are.

The problem with Mr. Awesome is that hes the spitting image of a Duke Nukemish type of guy. Just loves women, completely arrogant etc. One day during his Awesome Parade, Knought Sho(not so) the evil genius which is actually a failure in life has a plan. Hes a janitor by trade and envys Mr Awesome on all accounts. He kidnaps Mr.Awesome in the middle of the night and strips him down to his underwear. One day while in captivity Knought So decided to start figuring out what makes Mr. Awesome so Awesome so Knought So could beome Awesome. He has him run tests *think portal*.

The game layout would be initially 2d. You get experiance for solving puzzles and figuring out how to get to the next set of rooms would reward you with XP. The game starts off crude as Mr. Awesome's reality is so bleh, 2D sidescroller with basic graphics. Your XP would level up not you the character but the reality you live in. The Reality would be the game engine, upgrading things like physics, art and other assets. Basically different ways to solve the room and the puzzles.

Here is a crude mockup of a level for example with 3 exits.

MANSAR-lvl1-crude concept.jpg

Some day :-P

#4850002 C++ or another language

Posted by on 16 August 2011 - 01:39 PM

I give up. Trying to talk to someone who first states one thing, then denies it, is useless.

Where do you think he changed his stance? He seems fairly consistent.

Also, my "outright dismissal of managed languages" is because there's little/no possibility to optimize performance by minimizing cache misses, depending on the exact situation. And instead of passing pointers around sometimes it's required to use for-loops and call functions to "cast" between different variable types.

There are plenty of ways in C# at least to avoid many cache misses. There are some places they are unavoidable, but I'd very much consider the increased safety to outweigh those situations. At least to the point where the argument is not quite so trivial as saying managed languages are worse than C++. Optimizing by minimizing cache misses is very much a premature optimization, and there are some decent ways to shrink the risk with C#. Unless you have years of experience in C++ you will probably implement just as many cache misses as you avoid anyway.

*qft* Let's not forget the fact that garbage collection has to be spot on since your making it from scratch.


#4833664 [web] How to call a link without redirecting a page

Posted by on 11 July 2011 - 04:42 AM

If you want the fast and easy dirty way to do it use PHP and Bit.ly API:

$url = 'url'; // you can use javascript to set this or php to dynamically set it
include('bitly.php'); //api php
$bitly = new bitly('username', 'apikey'); //your username and apikey for the bitly serviceecho 


Your method would have been very useful if I could assign a javascript value to a php variable without using a get or post..or is there a way to do that? Because so far I have no idea how to do that

you could use ajax and load the php script the background which should make the use of get or post pretty much irrelevant for the end user (Which is all that matters)

if (1==1) 
<script language="JavaScript"> 
bitlyURL = INPUT METHOD; // use this to assign your bitly url, add either a form, a post, a get, anything you want. a document write maybe?
urlString = "bitly.php?var=" +bitlyURL;
window.location = urlString;

$url = $_GET["bitlyURL"]; 
$bitly = new bitly('username', 'apikey'); //your username and apikey for the bitly serviceecho 

Above is very rough, but should put you in the right direction.

#4833407 I have 120 games installed on my computer is that normal?...

Posted by on 10 July 2011 - 12:06 PM

No, it's not normal. I usually have to reformat every 60-80 games I install, because I get swamped with viruses :P

Your doing it wrong :-P.


#4833290 [web] How to call a link without redirecting a page

Posted by on 10 July 2011 - 04:52 AM

If you want the fast and easy dirty way to do it use PHP and Bit.ly API:

$url = 'url'; // you can use javascript to set this or php to dynamically set it
include('bitly.php'); //api php
$bitly = new bitly('username', 'apikey'); //your username and apikey for the bitly serviceecho 


#4833282 Oh it burns... Seems like I went premium

Posted by on 10 July 2011 - 04:21 AM

For some odd reason not sure why,
I had this feeling, not going to lie,
something was missing,
I seem to to fit in,
Gamedev.net seems like #epicwin.

I joined this community,
its been about a month now,
with all your guys knowledge,
some with know how.

I decided to stay,
and I missed my bus,
I guess I am not leaving,
I went GDNET +.

The end.

#4830571 Has anyone here ever launched their own product?

Posted by on 03 July 2011 - 04:29 AM

I am glad there is someone here getting ready to launch a product!

When I work on websites for companies and project applications that need testing theres a few avenues we take. A very good one that builds hype is a mass registration. Instead of using an email, have a form that submits information about computer specs *this will help you alot trust me*.

What you should have is a try for x days no email, or an option to asess the beta of the product using an email, offer a disposable email service as well. A link to the right explaining that they can use services like: 10minutemail.com to receive a beta authentication code, or something of that fashion actually helps your PR base. What you basically said is, try my product because I want you to. I dont need your email to try it, however I am so confident that I am not going to spam you, you can use this fake email service if you want. It generates people to say... well I guess they wont spam me, heres my real email.

Twitter is a great way to market it aswell. If you need a good way to get followers to RT and attempt things, try using a service like twiends.com For a cheap amount, you can setup people who have interest in things like technology who are looking for interesting people to follow. 30$ will get you about 200 people that stick for 1-2 months. Its an easy way to send out a tweet, and get your name out there. We have used this service to sell mass accounts for people who want 20-30k followers for launching a product.


#4830569 Google+ invites and Discussion

Posted by on 03 July 2011 - 04:13 AM

If your a curious little bug like me, then I am sure your wanting to get into the Google+ beta. I have up for grabs an unlimited amount of invites.


**NOTE** These are not regular invites. These invites are for Web Developers, however everything is the same, you just get unlimited invites as well **END NOTE**

1. Be nice on Google+. When I invite you, your auto added to my circle. If your a douche on Google+ and just go around commenting on people being ignorant its going to reflect on me since I sent you the invite. Think of how Google wave was, someone got unlimited invites, threw it on the web, and a couple thousand asshats ruined the beta. Don't be a jerk, I can uninvite you just as fast as I invited you.

2. Its a beta, that means there are bugs, there are issues, its rough concepted, things don't work as intended.

3. I will be sending you an invite, which allows you to also invite people. These are not your normal run of the mill invites that just bring you in, you will also get invite powers.

4. When you get the invite, it may take a couple of hours to get in. Sometimes the system doesn't properly register that I invited you, thus you will get a stupid error saying that Google+ is full. Just wait an hour and click the invite link again. Sometimes its instant, sometimes it takes a few hours before the system allows the invite.

5. I don't require you to put me in a Circle of friends. I will also not charge you for the invite. If you invite someone and charge them for it, I will uninvite you which will univite all the people you invited. I am sure it will be hard to find out if your inviting people based on charging people, but I am a pretty smart guy. Fluffybunnykittens on this forum is probably the same Flufflybunnykittens on Google+ right now.

What I need from you:

In a PM, please send me your email that you want registered with Google+. If you want, make a temp email like a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. Send me that one, and I will send the invite to them.

**NOTE if your using a disposable email, realize the email I send it to will be the only one allowed to click the link, they have some kind of tracking thing and forwarding the email from another service doesnt work.**

After signing up with your disposable email, you can send your real email an invite. Or you can just send me your normal email. I won't spam it.


Please DO NOT rep me for sending you an invite!


To generate a topic for this thread, in here lets talk about what we like and dislike about Google+ thus far.


-VERY FAST When the server is running on a good load, the service is lightning fast. The Ajax is amazing, as a web designer I tore into the availabe JS files they have loaded and my, I can honestly say there are some ways they did things that I would have never ever thought of. Genious.

-Very Clean, Facebook Style. They learned from Facebook on a sleek design.

-Love the Comment post up top right, and gmail intergration. Very tight intergrations with Gmail/Youtube/Picasa and more! Smart moves

-------------------UPDATED LIST OF INVITES ------------------------------

-Invites up to 7/3/2011 650PM EST have been sent out.
+8 Invites

-Invites up to 7/5/2011 1225PM UAE time have been sent out. +73 Invites
**Due to the large amount, you will be recieving them in chunks of 10, within 24 hours all should have an invite**

#4828612 A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

Posted by on 28 June 2011 - 05:25 AM

I have tried to stay away from this topic as much as possible. I then thought, maybe he/she will turn around and give some of his 'engines' he wants to use another try.

I want to point out a few things that irk me about your posts. In no way do I want to say your a failure, nor do I say that your wrong. I am merely giving you advice based on what your stating here. Its clear that you have no idolistic principles when it comes to programming. That is fine. But what you want to do is wrong 100% of the way. Your are about to go about it the wrong way, and while you may succeed in some wierd fashion in your head, everyone around you will notice what you haven't done.

Let me break it down for you clearly at first.

1. You stated that RPG Maker cannot due cutscenes. As someone who has used RPGMaker since 2000, You are 100% incorrect about this. A cutscene is anything where you loose control of your character and it is event driven in the area of telling a story or showing a significant event which may or not impact the gameplay. Credits are a cutscene, an intro is a cutscene, two characters getting it on is a cutscene. The victory of a Pokemon battle where the pokemon then evolves... is a cut scene. All of this is available to you using variables and triggered events in RPG Maker. I need you to do some research before you bash something that you don't clearly know.

2. RPG Maker is a very versatile tool. You get what you put into it. I am not going to burn you to hard because you said you don't know programming. I am going to assume also that you don't know what Google is and you never heard of a Forum until you posted here. There are at least 5-6 forums dedicated to the RGGS script and scripts that players and game creators have made with RPG Maker to add functionality to the engine that was not there before. You can customize RPG Maker to pretty much suit anything you want. Its a 2D engine only, though its so versatile someone has created a psuedo 3D engine. I would reccomend you learn RUBY if you want to take another approach to this concept. When you have learned RUBY please come back and tell me that RPG Maker is not a versatile tool.

2A. I want to point out also that there was 2 games that were released as a commercial product made and created from RPG Maker. Do a search on Wikipedia. You can find the games there.

3. GameMaker is a powerful tool aswell. With you wanting to remove the "powered by" splash is almost a slap to every persons face. You didn't make the engine. Nor did you spend the countless hours developing the studio in which you could create a learning staging area and create a sophisticated set of tools to ensure that the user doesn't create a harmful product. Instead you want to take there stuff and claim credit for it. Why? Because it makes you something your not? I know alot of video game developers that would rather show off the wonderful logos of what they used. Its almost a badge of honor to some, You created this with LUA? You created this in GAME MAKER? Wow, I am impressed. I would rethink that approach.

4. The UDK comment you had was not the most intellegant albeit probably your only one that did stand a small ground. Heres what I mean. You stated it would be a unique concept. Your right, it would be a very unique concept. Every game designer out there would be like, so your telling me you used a Car to hammer in that nail? Why. The point of an engine isn't to find the best one cause it has all this fancy pantsy crap in it that sounds like its good. Nor is it because you get a toolset that makes things pretty. The idea of an engine is to make your life easier and to make game play easier to create for you the developer. Making a FPS engine into a TOP DOWN Action Adventure RPG is like saying, the reason you bought an Oven was to heat up the water to take a bath with. Its completly assinine. Use something that is made for what your looking for.

-----------Now comes the healing process.--------------------

We have all been there. We have been in your shoes saying, hey where do we start? Where do I go? You came to this board asking advice. I have seen some good, some rough and some Excellent advice given to you. So far your posts remind me of the thread where someone came here saying this board is nothing but people saying make your own engine. HazePhaze I believe his name was. Your not listening. Instead your posts are here to show how much you don't understand and you want to tell us, people who are trying to help, how to make games based on what you apply as game logic. I replied to give you the benifit of the doubt that your new, probably a little younger than some people here and thats ok. Age really has no factor, but realize that starting younger means you have to listen to people who have been dealing with this situation for awhile. We all started at the bottom, making pong, making a calculator, making hangman, making stick figures, making a circle touch a triangle and the program crash immediatly. We have all been to those stages of learning. If you want to learn, then learn. If you want to come here and post about how you want to learn but rough it out about how it is... then please post no more.

We are here to help. If you take my advice, I will gladly show you the way to use RPG Maker, and that company EnterBrain has created a special studio just for this called AGM. Its a little rough to understand, but its something you might like. Once again, talk to us, don't bash us. Be yourself.


#4825891 Minecraft

Posted by on 21 June 2011 - 03:17 AM

How many people here have played this game? I personally admire the fact that it doesn't necessarily require tons of fancy graphics to become incredibly addicting, definately a good inspiration for indie developers. In a nutshell its a sandbox game. You can mine out various collectable "blocks" and "craft" them into items to use in your buildings and so forth. The website is minecraft.net, I believe they have the beta out for $15.

Here's an example of one of the most awesome map seeds "Glacier":

Posted Image

Not all the maps are as epic as this, but... its still possible to play just by typing "Glacier" in the seed box when creating a new world.

One thing I'm extremely curious about is how the map generation works exactly. I suppose what Notch (head creator of game) did was start small with a 2D map generator, and expand upon that. One other thing that I like about the maps is that they are INFINITE. You can build in any set of unique areas. Somehow that was a quality I always wanted in a game.

Has anyone here maintained a minecraft server? I'm only curious as to how likely compromisation is for these servers (considering port forwarding is required, and minecraft is still in beta). Would anyone recommend using a dedicated server (possibly cloud) over a normal PC?

Alright, end of rant. xD Hope to see some builds and opinions on this game.

In no way do I mean this as a bashing, nor do I mean this as a way to put down any developer. I understand 100% the complexities of working on a game. I also 100% support any developer, big or small making a pong game over and over and reselling it from a major corperation. My comment is more geared towards what Minecraft was, and what it has become.

I am going to give you a very short and skinny on the Minecraft topic. I want to first point out that Minecraft is not a unique concept. In fact is a clone of a clone of a clone 4th generation. This just happens to be the one that took of and became viral into what it is today. Minecraft was based off a game made in Java where players would go "mine" resources in a death match team style game play. That game while in BETA before it hit BETA PLAY PHASE I as they called it, was essentially Minecraft with lasers. How it worked was simple, you would gather resources and you would then build your base and try to gather as many as you could. Due to server limitations (which still plagues minecraft to this day) tile generation and saving spread on a single hubbed database and non p2p sharing gameplay causes a small bt of render error or chunk loading errors.

After this game did not become popular, a developer known as Notch decided to pick it up and play with it, changing small parts of the game and releasing his changes. This is where it kinda gets bitter for me, mainly because of the way he handled the way the code worked. I get salty talking to him in real life, and even more when I have chatted with him a few times via a messanging program. Honestly the developer is full of himself because his version of the game took off. I give him credit though, he was the Facebook when there was a Myspace.


(Personal opinions)

Now for the random generation, its a very simple concept of math. Using fractals as stated before the game assumes -5 or -6 as the lowest possible high point. What it basically means is that 0 is sealevel with -1 going one block below. -175 is the absolute lowest that most servers allow and map data allows. When the generator kicks on, it starts building -175 to rand(-5 ~ +25) doing so also allows a small dither effect to happen which makes 1x1x2 blocks either happen or 1x1x1 as long as there is no sudden void of space, unless between -5~-175 or using special passed commands like -arch -stone -overhang which then grabs random generated chunks that are prebuilt.

The maps are not INFINITE, you actually can run out of room, but the grid is 19,999 blocks long x 19,999 blocks wide with 275 high and -175 low on most servers. A file that large equates to about 12GB of chunk data.

As for running a server, its not worth it in my opinion unless you have a group of friends that are playing it over and over with you. I would reccomend having a place like servercraft.co host you unless you are savy with command line and setting up Jar files. You also need to play around with mods/plugins to prevent and add additional features. It gets a little tricky. See Bukkit for Minecraft.

Alternatly, you can make your own Minecraft since were on a game development forum. Google Maniac Digger, and you can see someone has taken the time to make a clone of a clone of a clone of Minecraft using C++ and its turning out quite well. I have a feeling though Maniac Digger will be changing paths soon though.


#4823646 The GDNet Birthday thread

Posted by on 15 June 2011 - 09:24 AM

I am still a new user here, but regardless, a site surviving over 5 years is amazing, but 12 years is a feat!