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Calling all Brogrammers

08 November 2011 - 04:29 AM

Are you like me? Are you a Bro and a Programmer? Do you like to code and then work out! Are you a gym buff and a code junky! DO YOU EAT SLEEP WORK OUT AND CODE! Than this is for you.

What do you do for your Bromammoth workouts during coding sessions?

Personally when I am trying to think I do a set of pushups 25-30 and it helps clear my mind. Sometimes while thinking of solutions I find that running is the way to go, just walking outside makes me think about ways to do things in a wierd sense.

Heres a good example. One day I could not figure out how to mask deletion of a file without it being recorded. While walking I saw a dog deposit some soil, and it seemed to just dissapear behind grass... then I thought man thats going to suck when someone steps on that poo that bound to the gras.,,,,, ZING binding files.

Sometimes I do calf raises while standing up and programming.. what do you other Bro's do.

Mayples Where to Start Thread

16 July 2011 - 06:50 AM

*I will take my stuff elsewhere - please delete.*

Oh it burns... Seems like I went premium

10 July 2011 - 04:21 AM

For some odd reason not sure why,
I had this feeling, not going to lie,
something was missing,
I seem to to fit in,
Gamedev.net seems like #epicwin.

I joined this community,
its been about a month now,
with all your guys knowledge,
some with know how.

I decided to stay,
and I missed my bus,
I guess I am not leaving,
I went GDNET +.

The end.

Google+ invites and Discussion

03 July 2011 - 04:13 AM

If your a curious little bug like me, then I am sure your wanting to get into the Google+ beta. I have up for grabs an unlimited amount of invites.


**NOTE** These are not regular invites. These invites are for Web Developers, however everything is the same, you just get unlimited invites as well **END NOTE**

1. Be nice on Google+. When I invite you, your auto added to my circle. If your a douche on Google+ and just go around commenting on people being ignorant its going to reflect on me since I sent you the invite. Think of how Google wave was, someone got unlimited invites, threw it on the web, and a couple thousand asshats ruined the beta. Don't be a jerk, I can uninvite you just as fast as I invited you.

2. Its a beta, that means there are bugs, there are issues, its rough concepted, things don't work as intended.

3. I will be sending you an invite, which allows you to also invite people. These are not your normal run of the mill invites that just bring you in, you will also get invite powers.

4. When you get the invite, it may take a couple of hours to get in. Sometimes the system doesn't properly register that I invited you, thus you will get a stupid error saying that Google+ is full. Just wait an hour and click the invite link again. Sometimes its instant, sometimes it takes a few hours before the system allows the invite.

5. I don't require you to put me in a Circle of friends. I will also not charge you for the invite. If you invite someone and charge them for it, I will uninvite you which will univite all the people you invited. I am sure it will be hard to find out if your inviting people based on charging people, but I am a pretty smart guy. Fluffybunnykittens on this forum is probably the same Flufflybunnykittens on Google+ right now.

What I need from you:

In a PM, please send me your email that you want registered with Google+. If you want, make a temp email like a hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. Send me that one, and I will send the invite to them.

**NOTE if your using a disposable email, realize the email I send it to will be the only one allowed to click the link, they have some kind of tracking thing and forwarding the email from another service doesnt work.**

After signing up with your disposable email, you can send your real email an invite. Or you can just send me your normal email. I won't spam it.


Please DO NOT rep me for sending you an invite!


To generate a topic for this thread, in here lets talk about what we like and dislike about Google+ thus far.


-VERY FAST When the server is running on a good load, the service is lightning fast. The Ajax is amazing, as a web designer I tore into the availabe JS files they have loaded and my, I can honestly say there are some ways they did things that I would have never ever thought of. Genious.

-Very Clean, Facebook Style. They learned from Facebook on a sleek design.

-Love the Comment post up top right, and gmail intergration. Very tight intergrations with Gmail/Youtube/Picasa and more! Smart moves

-------------------UPDATED LIST OF INVITES ------------------------------

-Invites up to 7/3/2011 650PM EST have been sent out.
+8 Invites

-Invites up to 7/5/2011 1225PM UAE time have been sent out. +73 Invites
**Due to the large amount, you will be recieving them in chunks of 10, within 24 hours all should have an invite**

Game Developer Inspiration...

14 June 2011 - 08:55 AM

We all start somewhere and we all have someone that usually grabs your attention and you think they are a celebirty or a rockstar. Sometimes its not that amazing and you don't think they are a rockstar persue, but its that one thing that a programmer, a gamer, a host, an article, a video game, or an animator has done with a unique twang which just inspired you to do what you do.

I am abig web developer person. I love the web, I love making custom program and 90% of the stuff I make never sees the light of day. But to me thats OK cause I like to make it. While brushing up on my VML skills. (don't laugh, DHTML was the in thing at the time), I stumbled across a game portal known as Newgrounds. The first game that I played there was PICO. I was amazed thinking this was all done in Actionscript and I quickly learned it was from a technology known as Macromedia Flash 4/5.

You mean I could put images together, add music, objects, buttons and make games? It had its own IDE, a time line, and you could script. Amazing. I tried to learn it but I just couldn't get into it. I started then to just play with more and more website making stuff until I stumbled across Edmund McMillen an animator and small game/clicky game creator. I watched his simple animations and played his little games more and more and everytime I looked at it, it made me smile. The Art Style was so unique and awesome to me to see something so violently orchestrated(sp) yet smooth with results that made me smile. Soon after I started to animate with Flash again, but still had a problem making my own games.

Not to long ago while lurking what McMillen was doing, I heard he created a game known as Super Meat Boy. Of course, my favorite artist made a game! Of course I would buy it. So I played it. I want to thank Team Meat as they pretty much was what insipired me to just rough it out, keep working at it, and start making my own game of course.

To stick back to the topic and not make a fan boy post for someone, what insipired you? What was the one thing which made you go, you know what I am going to stick to it, and I am going to finish this? What made that little click in your head go to ON for making games?