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Night Lone

Member Since 27 May 2011
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 07:36 PM

Journal Entries

Night Lone's Journal > Adventures in Programming: The Second Update

Posted 04 September 2014

So, I said I'd discuss problems and other things here gamedev related; so lets get started!

The biggest problem with game development, for newbies, in my opinion (could be wrong) is looking at the whole picture, think, "This is easy!" then do a few weeks work, learn that it's not as easy as was once thought of, and now all motivation is lost and you're...

Night Lone's Journal > Adventures in Programming: The Start....Kinda....

Posted 18 August 2014

Well, not the start of my adventure in programming, that started when I was 14, and it started on a single core, 800MHz Pentium with 32MB RAM and 6GB HDD, but thats another story.
This is the start of my new attempt at a journal series! Here I'll discuss problems, and solutions I have while programming...just about anything I'm programming. This may be a...

Night Lone's Journal > Mar 15: KISS. Keep It Simple St–Unwise one...Drawing for games

Posted 15 March 2014

Just saying, rather in programming, drawing, or anything, the best thing to learn is this: Keep It SIMPLE. More complex something gets, the more time it takes to make, the more time spent doing something you may want to avoid. Also, the more time it takes to someone to read it. Drawing on the other hand, more complex it gets, the more time it takes away f...

Night Lone's Journal > Feb 25: Blog, Twitter, Social networks...SCREENSHOT!

Posted 25 February 2014

First off, for all those who begged for screenshots:
Then I learned how to get the true FPS to show...Next shot will show what my mac can do xD
Just saying, Collision detection takes a LOT from the computer, but right now both windows and mac machines are taking it nicely, once I add some more characters that need to stick...

Night Lone's Journal > Feb 22: Goals, 3D modelling and Programming

Posted 22 February 2014

just a little update to all...I'm actually programming a game!

There should be a screenshot at the end of the month showing what I've done. Every week I'll try to keep this updated...Maybe...I won't release the name of the game (as i'm not 100% decided on it) I'll be updating my twitter more with finer details, and be listing what I've done every week, p...