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#4836316 [web] No IMDB API, so what am I to do?

Posted by on 17 July 2011 - 04:38 AM

Perhaps you could link what you found in case others have the same question and stumble on to your topic in future?

If you've managed to answer your own question, it's good etiquette to reply letting others know what the answer is rather than simply editing away the original question to say you've found an answer.

Out of interest, the IMDB API you managed to find wasn't this one -- the first result of a Google search for "IMDB API" by any chance?

I did find that one..but its request is limited.
http://imdbapi.com/ I found that but the result is always an Uncaught exception, I think it is because of same origin policy - maybe someone else can make it work.

So I ended up using open graph,
http://ogp.me/ I used one of the libraries in the Implementation section.