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lask1's Journal > The Problem with Color

Posted 09 January 2015

So I uploaded my game bounce to the Android Play Store not too long ago and everything has been good for the most part.

The main complaint I had was about the controls so I have added and options screen where the user can choose which control scheme they like best.

The other thing that I added I really did not expect to be as big a problem as it is......

lask1's Journal > Quick update

Posted 03 January 2015

Just a quick update since I'm on my phone. Going to try and get momentum with writing these things. Anyone have suggestions for marketing apps? I just released my game bounce
And I have been getting good feedback and I am keeping a majority of my users but I want to find some ways to he...

lask1's Journal > Starting my Journal

Posted 23 December 2014

I'm restarting my journal...not like I had anything before restarting,

I have released a game, I am continuing to work on a few other projects and I am searching for a job. Other than that I think the newest things are I am done my finals and life has been pretty plain haha.

The game I released I have named "Bounce". It's a simple game idea I have been...