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In Topic: Why did COD: AW move every file into the same folder where .exe is?

30 September 2015 - 07:12 PM


This is Steam, do they even have an ability to control that?

Besides, why do you care? It works and that's enough.

Steam is nothing special as a developer you have the control over where files are located in your own directory structure.


It looks like COD went with an archive format for their files now which allows for better compression on the archived files. This will in turn have a faster load from the disc with perhaps a trade of in the decompression step of those files in the archive. The massive FF files seem to be the archive files. And it seems like they made a single archive per location which means you dont have to jump through the directory structure to load the files for a level. This is offcourse all speculation on my part smile.png


Makes complete sense for a runtime scenario. I would agree with this explanation. Assuming they also have a different structure for their development side. They probably didn't put very much thought into a user friendly file structure simply cause they didn't have to and just focused on performance. 

In Topic: New to game programming need help

19 September 2015 - 10:48 PM

I never got a degree. I learned how to do everything by myself and got a job doing OpenGL programming for a digital signage company.




What are the different fields in video game programming?

There are many sub-fields. Graphics, AI, networking, Audio and many more.




Will finishing a course in computer science be enough?

Experience ALWAYS helps. Make some personal goals and jump right in. Oh and start small!




Does a degree mean anything for getting into a job for game programming?

Yes an employer will look at this when you apply for a job. I just had enough experience to squeeze by when I started.



Or do I need to focus more on learning, practicing and proving that I can make games on my own first?

This should always be a focus learn about programming before diving into games. The best and most successful programmers I meet are very self motivated and have side projects on the go.



How much demand is there for video game programmers?

There is always is a demand for good programmers. I can't help too much with this question.



From what I read online people make it sound like going into any field of game programming is like becoming a slave. I hear things like "you'll be working 12 hour shifts 5-7 days a week or more" or "you're expendable so if you screw up more than a few times you'll get the boot". Is it really like that or is that a single persons gritty opinion?

I've never worked for a large company so i wouldn't know. Here at a small office I get a large office, free snacks, lots of holidays and always done at 5.



A good starting point is learning how to program. In general many game programmers use the C++ programming language. This can be a bad place for beginners to start. Learning how to build websites can teach you the fundamentals of programming and you can create your own web based games.

In Topic: Character control from a Physics Engine perspective

08 May 2015 - 09:32 PM

You could directly affect velocity of the player rather than applying a force.

In Topic: how to crop on SDL 1.2

08 May 2015 - 09:29 PM

Looks like this would be the tutorial for you. http://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/39_tiling/index.php


Sounds like what you are interested in doing is creating a "tilesheet"/"spritesheet"


The idea of only using part of an image for rendering or bliting.

In Topic: Question about saved games

13 March 2015 - 02:51 PM

And you shouldn't worry about it anyway - unless you're making an online game, who cares if the player gives themselves a bajillion health?

Exactly and at that point you would be storing your saved data in database.


There are many ways to save data and from the sounds of it you are a beginner. Saving to a text file is a good place to start. Even though saving to a text file is expensive, if you are not making a huge AAA game then it really shouldn't matter.


Might also be worth looking into different text data formats like json and xml.