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#5299639 Unity behaves like Digital Homicide: Bans users for being critical.

Posted by on 07 July 2016 - 11:26 AM

I'm not looking for your compassion. I'm not looking for your pity. I'm just sheding a little light on what Unity had been doing lately with their community sites, because this is sick (and not in a good way).

Some necessary backstory:

Several days ago, on July 5th the new forum (if you can really call this mess a "forum") had been rolled out. To applause of no one. I must say that at first, I even liked new layout, then I've learned that they've changed their forum software to "baby first php forum engine" which didn't have even basic functionalities that were in previous, Xenforo based one.

Obviously, I've became very outspoken about the change, as did other people because now forum has become an awful mess that is non-functional and unreadable without applying hacked CSS via extensions like Stylish or Stylebot. Blergh.

But of course, unity didn't want to rollback the changes, protecting that clueless moron who came up with that "great" idea for some unknown reason.

For comparison reasons, here's the old forums:

Quite readable, isn't it?

And here's new "forum":

The index page of both look kinda similar, but I'll let you browse them (just go into any thread) to see the differences.

Of course because of the fact that I wasn't pleased with the changes and refused to leave, like some other prominent users, including moderators, did, they've decided to silence me by banning me for (almost) six months.

Ever heard of Streissand Effect, Unity? I will publish this story everywhere I can. You won't escape the s-storm that follows.