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Help me in selecting an engine

15 September 2011 - 04:02 AM

I m planning to make a game that uses 3d objects in the background for collision, control logic,etc while using sprites which will be used as texture mapped onto a cube
I m planning for an isometric game along with the switch of view to a side scroller like streetfighter

Basically its a game combining diablo and streetfighter
The artwork is going to be similar to wakfu.
Posted Image

Can anyone tell me which engine can allow me this or are they any other alternatives that you may suggest.
I've tried making my own engine and have successfully mapped the texture sprites to the cubes and have only reached this far.
See attachment for the trick that I am trying to implement.

But it's taking too much time and I thought to give irrlicht a try.

Please help me.

Is depth buffer not working ?

11 July 2011 - 03:30 PM

How do I solve this problem ... all objects are texture mapped cubes ... I have enabled the depth test but I cant figure out whats wrong ... is order of drawing important ?

I have labeled the order of my drawing ...
plz let me know what is wrong and how to fix it

And does the depth buffer only work with z value ?

my + z axis is up
+x axis right and
+y axis down
much like the space that appears in 3d software with +Z axis going top

Knowledge requisition details

13 June 2011 - 09:05 PM

I've started my work a 2d game that has an isometric movement type of gameplay and an arcade battle system ..
I've learned some basics of game programming and learning openGL - LWJGL 2.7.1

What are the requirements for making a game like the above mentioned ..
I can draw cubes in true Isometric view using glOrtho(); and would like to know HOW TO PROCEED FROM HERE ... !

Currently I m concentrating on navigating a player in an isometric world ...

Questions on my mind ..
1. How to draw the map for an isometric game ... i.e use pre-rendered images or textures applied on tiles
2. Is it a good idea to use 3d back end - eg the cube as a building and a quad with a texture of a building over it and let the collision detection work on the 3d space rather than the quads ?
3. Is billboarding required ?
4. Can lighting technique be used in a 2d game ?

I have provided an attachment of an isometric orthographic projections .. please help me from here ... I m very dedicated and will like to learn from you'll