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In Topic: Creating a System/Web App to crowd create games and assets

07 August 2012 - 01:05 AM

I thought it should go in for beginners since it was a question about helping beginners. Which leads me to my next point, while ideas may have no monetary value there is still an importance in sharing them. If you post an idea for a concept i.e concept art as an asset that gives some one else he chance to work on their skills based upon that Concept/assets. This way you could organize a large group of hobbyists into a sort of pseudo team. You get where I am coming form?

In Topic: Ambiguity: a good or bad thing?

06 August 2012 - 01:29 PM

in my opinion this sort of thing requires balance. Ambiguity can add great depth to the game making the gamer feel more like his/her character, and provides a good way of including decisions. However to much and you have a confused player who has no idea whats going, no goals, no motivation.

As for a game that his this, I have to say Deus Ex. Brilliant game, it forced the player to make decisions, act on instinct, decide whether he/she is doing the right thing, all that sort of stuff. If you haven't already take a gander at it mate, its awesome!

In Topic: Creating a System/Web App to crowd create games and assets

06 August 2012 - 01:13 PM

Ok but looking at the market place it seems to be more like individuals selling their works. What i am thinking of is more based around open collaboration. This market place seems more based around selling of assets, while what I imagined would be selling/sharing of ideas and concepts.

In Topic: Pygame Collision help

27 January 2012 - 10:39 AM

ok i fixed the code to this
import pygame, sys
from pygame.locals import *
height= 480
screen= pygame.display.set_mode((width, height))
background= pygame.image.load("sky.png").convert()
platform= pygame.image.load("platform.png").convert_alpha()
#player coordinates
x = 300
y = 150
#movement variables
movex= 0
while True:
    platform_rect = pygame.Rect(300, 250, 150, 20)
    player_rect = pygame.Rect(x, y, 24, 24)
    standing = player_rect.colliderect(platform_rect)
    while standing == False:
	    print ("fish")
	    movey= 10
    x += movex
    y += movey
    screen.blit(background, (0,0))
    screen.blit(platform, (300, 250))
    screen.blit(player, (x, y))

and now everything works.. except the screen come completely blank. there are no errors it just for some reason is not blitting. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

In Topic: Pygame Collision help

26 January 2012 - 09:26 AM

well i did what you said and you were right the indentation was wron. It was a solid tab it needed to be 4 spaces. but now when i run the program all i get is a blank screen with no background or image at all. and its not responding.