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#4966760 Creating a System/Web App to crowd create games and assets

Posted by on 06 August 2012 - 01:13 PM

Ok but looking at the market place it seems to be more like individuals selling their works. What i am thinking of is more based around open collaboration. This market place seems more based around selling of assets, while what I imagined would be selling/sharing of ideas and concepts.

#4966741 Creating a System/Web App to crowd create games and assets

Posted by on 06 August 2012 - 12:19 PM

OK so that title was long winded :)

Anyway moving on, I myself am an aspiring 3D artist/programmer and have recently been looking ways to practice my skills. At first i went about attempting to recruiting any hand drawn art inclined friends to draw me some turnaround character concept art but that didn't turn out well. So then my thoughts turned to the other humongous community i belonged to, the internet. I assumed there would be some freely available character concepts or concept art of any kind that would suit my purpose, in short i couldn't find any.

So then my mind wandered and I thought of organizing something here on gamedev, a thread to collect people who needed to practice their work. My thoughts are this, we collect artists of any kind, designers, sound artists, programmers, anyone, who wants to practice their skills without being part of a full fledged team. Anyone can take parts of their work and use it for their own. A programmer who wants to make a small RPG game takes the sound artists work and the 3d artists models and puts it together, other programmers can take and recycle some of his work and do their own stuff. We need to create an environment where hobbyists can work as effectively as full teams.

This was just an idea and i was wondering about its viability, if anything of the sort already exists, and most of all would you guys be interested in it.


#4904883 The good old "which one"; choosing a language.

Posted by on 21 January 2012 - 12:00 PM

I personally feel that python is a brilliant way to get into game design and programming. It can teach you the fundamentals and lets you et things done very quickly. Also it is very readable code and is great for a beginner before jumping into C++ or another language. My suggestion woudl be to make a few basic games(pong, asteroids, tetris) in python using either pygame or pyglet, which are both great libraries.

#4826051 Need an Engine which can do this.

Posted by on 21 June 2011 - 10:50 AM

I have just begun planning on making a game. for the game I will need an engine that can create new vertices on the fly. for a baisc understanding of a game look here http://voidgames.wordpress.com/game-dev-page/about/
Also if anyone is interested in the idea help would be appreciated. Also some requirements for the engine
It needs to be easy to use since I am just a beginner
It needs to have an easy to learn scripting language
It needs to have good tutorials I can use

#4824762 Air Gear RPG : Feedback Appreciated

Posted by on 18 June 2011 - 03:47 AM

Ok first andintroduction:

Airgear is a manga/anime written by Oh! Great. It is set in Japan in the nearfuture where technology has evolved greatly. Motors with the power of sportscars have been shrunk down and put inside of 2-wheeled roller blades enablingusers to gain incredible speeds. These roller blades are called Air trek orA-T. People, mainly kids in high school would form StormRider teams and competefor territory and A-T parts. There is also a class system with F being thelowest and A being the highest.

Isit just me or does it seem that these elements would make for a really nicemultiplayer/single player game?

Game play:

Playerscould form their own teams or even have a matchmaking kind of thing. Playerscould create their own A-T using parts they buy with points they earn frombattles. There would be 6 kinds of battles.

AClass Balloon: A balloon is set a float and the team to grab it first wins. Thecatch is only one person the “Panther” is allowed to touch the balloon. But thePanther must hide because if it is known who it is they will become the soletarget of the other team. There is also other Player Classes:

§ Decoy -lures enemies away, pretending to be the Panther.

§ Ultimate -battles the other team.

§ Middle -assists the 3 people in front.

§ Keeper -stops the enemies’ attacks.

BClass Disk: this is usually played with 5-6 players per team. Players must takea Frisbee back to their goal. The other team is only allowed to attack theperson holding the disk. Ten points to win.

CClass Air: Air consists of ten platforms, each with a specific number. After acertain amount of time set at the start of the battle, these platforms are successivelyknocked down in random order. This means that riders must fight against theother team in order to gain solid footing. The last team standing wins thematch.

D ClassCube: Every member of a group goes intoa spate enclosed space/cube. Then a one on one battle is fought. Which everteam wins the most wins overall.

EClass Hurdle: A race with large obstacles in the way such as buildings.

FClass Dash: a simple 1 on 1 race to the finish. Team with most individuallywins, wins overall.

Graphics: I wasthinking very simple futuristic looking graphics. Buildings would be made withsimple cubes and rectangle with not many textures. Kind of like Mirrors edgegraphics but even less detailed.

RPG Elements: asPlayers compete in battle they gain experience which they can use to buy newand better parts. Also large amounts of experience can b used to learn new andunique tricks.

I also want to saythat I am probably not going to make this game for a while. I just want to getthe idea out and refine it a bit.