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#4901744 Going to post your game idea? Read this first

Posted by on 11 January 2012 - 02:37 PM

Will Wright has some very nice ideas. I'm quoting Wikipedia -

Wright believes that simulations as games can be used to improve education by teaching children how to learn. In his own words:

“The problem with our education system is we’ve taken this kind of narrow, reductionist, Aristotelian approach to what learning is. It’s not designed for experimenting with complex systems and navigating your way through them in an intuitive way, which is what games teach. It’s not really designed for failure, which is also something games teach. I mean, I think that failure is a better teacher than success. Trial and error, reverse-engineering stuff in your mind—all the ways that kids interact with games—that’s the kind of thinking schools should be teaching. And I would argue that as the world becomes more complex, and as outcomes become less about success or failure, games are better at preparing you. The education system is going to realize this sooner or later. It’s starting. Teachers are entering the system who grew up playing games. They’re going to want to engage with the kids using games.”

I'll have to agree with this way of thinking. Thumbs up for combining games with education since we got training in both practical things and emotional experiences. Adding to Wright's way of thinking, I believe that MMO games and other "social environments" such as facebook etc, although they mean to bring people together they actually end up secluding them even more. Me and my colleagues had a research going on for several years and the outcome was rather disappointing. So, whatever the educational system is going to be in the future (if we're left with any future that is Posted Image) must keep "gaming lessons" in a school or in a place were people are going to actually be in the same room and not each one at his/her home...