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The Last Verse

21 June 2011 - 03:16 AM

Super-abridged version.

TLV is the story of two brothers, born and bred in a dieing city with a seemingly perpetual winter. They abandon the safety of an orphans life, and delve into the violence of the streets and a life of teenage criminals.

While these kids fight and bleed their way through adolescence, their society falls to pieces. Those in control have divided the city between the privileged and those in poverty, and the city suffers. Ideals inherited from an ancient world are bringing the city to it's knees, and the two boys rise up to fight what is.

All the while, a demon from the past emerges in the heart of the land. Ancient technology and knowledge long forgotten are harnessed again, and a war of worlds and ideals erupts.

Abandoned children to champions, the brothers fight to save a world that would've left them for dead.

The story is set some 10'000 years in the future. Our world was taken over by a fundamentalist dictator :wink:, and was destroyed by a supernatural cataclysm a few decades later.

Skip 9'000 years forward.

In the ruins of the greatest of the destroyed humans' (whom I'll call the 'First') cities, a new race is created. This new race has an unexplained power over nature, and for the first generation of their race, they thrive in a completely new society. Though over time, they begin to harness artifacts from the age of the First. Their society is influenced deeply, and it splits them apart and drives them to a war.

As the war intensifies, they begin to lose their powers over nature. At the height of the battle, a force of immeasurable power appears on the battlefield. With a tremendous show of supernatural might, the mysterious force cowers the humans. It then warns them of the fate of the ancient world, and how close they are to the same fate.

The new humans having learnt their lesson, lay down their arms and agree to disagree. They split apart and wander and settle across the world. With their peace and abandonment of the First's ruined city, their powers begin to return. Though the influence the First's artifacts had on them is irreversible, and forms their culture for centuries to come.

Say the war ended 100 years after their creation. Skip 870 years forward...
Current world! 970th year.

The race of humans has split into three regions. One of the natural powers (Fire, wind and water) is primarily recognized in each. The influence of the First's is greater than ever, and some societies are dieing. The story focuses on people from the Fire region, and their capital city which is suffering from the idea of social eminence.