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[Video Tutorial] Arkanoid in 160 lines - C++11 + SFML2

24 November 2013 - 02:26 PM

Hello gamedev.net! 

I've created a 40 minutes tutorial/screencast on the creation of a complete game using C++11 and SFML2.
The end result is a playable Arkanoid/Breakout clone with a paddle, a ball and destroyable bricks.

This is my first attempt at a complete C++11 game development tutorial.
I divided the code in 9 segments, that I analyze and execute individually. 

The video is aimed at people with at least a basic knowledge of C++. 
Having some knowledge about common game development concepts will also greatly help.

The point of the video is showing how easy it is to create something playable thanks to the new standard and to SFML2, and to show a possible train of thought that can be taken during game development.

Watch it here:

I greatly appreciate comments and criticism, and ideas for future videos/tutorials.

Also, feel free to fork the game's source code at:
and expand upon it: if people like the idea I will feature the best forks in a future video  

For other tutorials: http://vittorioromeo.info/tutorials.html - or just browse my YT channel.

Thanks for your attention!

[Video Tutorial] Solving the "crack" collision problem (getting stuck between t...

08 February 2013 - 08:39 AM

Hello gamedev, I made a video tutorial on how to solve a common problem encountered in 2D collision detection and resolution.
The issue often happens when your physical bodies live in tile-based environments. Sometimes the order in which the collisions are resolved is incorrect, and the physical body gets stuck between two tiles.
I've discovered two interesting ways to prevent (and fix) the issue, and I've created a tutorial video:


Video description:

Foreword: this is my first time doing a video tutorial. Please excuse me for any mistake, or if the explanation wasn't clear. I've also had some technical difficulties - my microphone is broken, and my webcam has a very poor quality. I recorded the tutorial (both audio and video) using my iPhone 4S. Unfortunately the quality of the markers I'm using is also poor - they're old and I couldn't find anything better, but I will buy some better markers tomorrow.
You can see an EXPERIMENTAL implementation of the merging method here:https://github.com/SuperV1234/SSVSCollision[3]
Additional information: I've already written an article about collisions. It's outdated, but some concepts can be easier to understand in the article. I talk about spatial hashing and "overlap area" sorting, albeit in a different (and less elegant) way. If you need more info on what I'm talking about in the video, the article would be a good place to start.
When I have time, I'll update the article and put it in my website. (http://http://vittorioromeo.info/[6] )
Please let me know if you need anything explained in the comments - and if you have suggestion on how I could record audio/video in a better way.
Thanks for watching.

Undefined reference to add-on methods/classes

21 November 2012 - 10:03 AM

I can include "angelscript.h" and use all of its methods/classes properly. I can include add on headers, but trying to use them gives me "undefined reference" problems.

I tried compiling with a lot of different parameters but that didn't work. Am I doing something wrong?

New to C++ from C#, is my pointer usage correct?

16 October 2012 - 09:33 AM


I've started learning C++ and wanted to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. I've designed a very simple component-based entity system intended for game development.

An EntityManager manages pointers to Entity objects, and an Entity manages pointers to Component objects.

Game behavior is written by having classes that inherit from Component and override its methods.
The compiler was complaining about not having a virtual destructor in Component and I added one.

The Factory class is supposed to be an easy way to create Entity objects with preset component combinations.

This system is obviously not ready for game creation and missing many features, but the main point here is my memory management and pointer usage.

Is this the correct way to do it? What would you change?
Sorry if this is an unusual/uninteresting post, but I want to make sure I learn good practices from the beginning. Thanks for the help

Articles on 2d collision detection and resolution

14 August 2012 - 07:43 AM

Hello gamedev!

I just started a new blog where I can share my experiences as a novice game developer.

My first article is about the creation of a physics engine, how my initial project failed, how the engine worked, and how I managed to salvage it and create something useful.

I wrote this article for every starting game developer out there - it deals with technical problems in collision detection, and design problems such as "reinventing the wheel".

It is divided in two parts: the first one deals more with my experience and with the problems a game developer faces in designing a physics engine, the second one (the most useful) explains how my collision detection and resolution works, along with videos, diagrams, .gifs from my project and source code analysis.


Hope you find it interesting and useful, considering many questions nowadays are about collision detection.
Check it out!: D