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2D Game Making, the Easy Way > Video of Attack and Defend Progress...

Posted 08 August 2012

I'll give some code samples later, but I recorded a quick video showing off what I have.

This just shows my guys marching up the paths towards the enemy. You can see the soldier select at the bottom left. I'll add costs to those soldiers, and a status of our Base soon.

2D Game Making, the Easy Way > Added Fog Of War via Lighting

Posted 02 August 2012

For a while, I've been looking for an easy way to add lighting to my games. Well, I stumbled across Light There Be Light (discussed here Sourceforge project here) and I've found what seems to be a really simple lighting...

2D Game Making, the Easy Way > Update on Attack and Defend...

Posted 29 July 2012

I don't have time to do an extensive update, but I have one team's soldiers moving towards the opponents base and, when in range (or contact if melee class), begins to fire upon him. The enemy base can die, and then...well, nothing happens as there's nothing else to do.

Next I need to add some simple UI for the player to choose what Unit to...

2D Game Making, the Easy Way > Initial Work on Attack and Defend...

Posted 21 July 2012

Well, I've started my next little game, currently called Attack and Defend. I plan on it being a single player or multiplayer game which is part League of Legends and part Tower Defense. I'm planning on using my Escape Entity System mentioned in my last entry.

Basically, 2 (or maybe more) player have bases at opposite ends of a map. They have a...

2D Game Making, the Easy Way > Entity System Redux...

Posted 17 July 2012

It's been a while since I last updated, and I had just recently implemented a Component Based Entity System. However, while it was great fun working with the components, and having the events passed between them all, I think there's a better way. The better way is how the Artemis System works.

The main idea...