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#5072102 Using games to educate

Posted by on 22 June 2013 - 05:59 PM

Aren't good realistic simulation programs in and of themselves a great educational teaching tool? Some examples of what I am talking about are Microsoft Flight Simulator, Rail Works Train Simulator, Universe Sandbox and maybe even Americas Army. I understand that the OP is talking about the genre of educational games, but I believe it is still worth noting that we learn more from games than we think. Before I played Gran Turismo I knew absolutely nothing about cars, but now I know at least some things.

#4957023 Doubts and Motivations

Posted by on 08 July 2012 - 02:59 PM

Basicaly I want to start a disucssion on the issue of doubting the final outcome of your game on any level for independant developers. I notice some days I imagine the final outcome of my game as being fun and innovative. Something that has never been done before. Other days I find myself filled with doubts and wondering if the past year has been a complete waste of time. I mean when I see the big picture I see that my game, when it is finished, may be something no one wants to buy or even worse, play. This is why i spend no more than 3 hours a day working on it. If I knew I could sell it I would work on it from morning to night. So how do I deal? I mean doubting could actually be realistic and maybe I should spend my time finding other ways to make money. I mean sure this is a hobby for me but it also a hope that maybe just maybe I could make a living doing this. The doubts of course hinder such an accomplishment from ever happening. So either I can be a dreamer and motivate myself to work hard on a game that I might be able to sell, or I can take the safe route and secure myself financially right here and right now and throw my dreams away. Sigh. Anyone else going through what I am going through?