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In Topic: [Monthly Discussion] on RPG flaws - Month 5: "Battle Encounter Design"

12 September 2012 - 03:58 PM

yeah in about ~100-500 years of computer calculation, but maybe the computer that performs this caclulation may crash or run out of electricity, then its all from start. Of course if they use many computers it could be reduced.

In Topic: [Weekly Discussion] on RPG Genre's flaws - Week 4 : "Exploration]"

17 July 2012 - 11:50 AM

n what ways did Skyrim and Oblivion change from Morrowind to reduce the 'filler dialog' problem you're talking about?

1) all npc's in oblivion have voice. in morrowind only few story npcs have.
2) in oblivion each minor npc has 1-4 topics you can ask, that are UNIQUE.
in morrowind each minor npc has 10-30 topics, that you have to ask until they get grayd.
Kingdom of amalur got jealous and copied morrowind dialog flaws.
3) oblivion has some memorable npcs e.g the lady that loved the rats (oh my poor babies).

when you really should be worrying about the danger of it all.

i believe that rpgs cant capture that feeling, only permadeath games can make you worry.

In Topic: [Weekly Discussion] on RPG Genre's flaws - Week 4 : "Exploration]"

14 July 2012 - 03:17 PM

What i hate in some rpgs are Towns.

You arrive at a new town after finishing a dungeon. There are 40-60 npcs in the town, each having 10 topics that are "white"
and you have to click them so that they get "grayed", every topic causes 3-6 bubble switches. Total 1000-2000 bubbles per town.

You try to comprehend what they say the first 5-10 bubbles, then you realise they are all useless mumble. blablabla it never ends.
From then on you spam skip all conversations, all quest text, all lore, Mute!!!

Really they tried to make those game "verbose" and in the end it ended "Muted" cause of their spam abuse.

Game offenders : Morrowind, Kingdom of Amalur, Wow.
Games immune to that feeling: Skyrim. Oblvion.

Morrowind/Kingdom of amalur: All npc in the town have the exact same bubble that you have to ask them, YES THE EXACT SAME TITLE.
You spam ask the same 30 topics about places / races until they get grayed at every npc.

Wow: Too many mini quests, instead of big quests with meaning.
All quests end as "kill 40 rats", "gather 30 herbs".

In Topic: Ways of forcing players to play together without risk of getting griefed?

14 July 2012 - 02:45 PM

Hi, i have the ABSOLUTE IDEA that can make all games GRIEF IMMUNE.

Bot multiplaying :

Forbid player from playing a multiplaying game, instead a bot is made that inpersonates the player,
the bot learns slowly by watching the player, and starts using the same moveset,
a heristic function could allow extracting the player goals, to allow behaving like him.

For example the player in his seperate machine is satan that has killed everyone, but
on the machines of all other players he is a kind loving person that helps everyone like jesus.

The bot will be immune to all behaviors that are considered griefing or not prethought by the programmers
and thus wont learn them.

There you go, you have your grief immune game.

Bot Battle efficiency: ( Symbol "->" : Pwn )

Hardcoded bots -> Humans -> Human emulating bots.

Hardcoded bots always play better than humans because they know all game rules and have 0 lag, thus they are gods.
Human emulating bots follow a flawed algorithm that a flawed human taught it (Only bots can play perfect).

1) Unlimited amount of players. Can clone same bot.
2) They are still living organisms, its like your dog, it cannot talk to you, but it can play with you,
and do some predefined commands.

1) Poor chat dictionary, bots would only be apply to communicate with 5-10 icons (happy, i help you, need help, i leave).

How will infuence the gameplay ? will it make it funnier ?

In Topic: Deterministic Critical / Dodge Chance

14 July 2012 - 02:19 PM

min critical chance that can be represented = 1%.
max critical chance that can be represented = 100%.

Worst case : you would need at least decks of size 1% / 100% = size 100.

What is the point of the minidecks? You could just use decks with 25 cards

Yes you will use 4 decks of size (25), what i meant with the term "minideck" is that you can use more than one decks.
so conceptually they are part of a bigger deck (100), as far as technical implementation is concerned
it may be ignored.