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#4920632 I propose that Mages by nature should be unbalanced and therefore hax.

Posted by on 09 March 2012 - 05:07 AM

Warriors vs mages in all rpg games.

1) have unlimited "blue juice".
2) win in pve raid dps but suck in pvp against mages.
3) are meatshields having huge hp.
4) can ignore positioning in battle.
5) can zerg enemies.

1) can permakite warriors.
2) deals more damage than warriors.
3) when mage runs out of mana he is dead.
4) squishy.
5) can die in 1 warrior combo.
6) can attack from range.
7) can aoe in large group battles and win.

you must refer to the ingredients.

the rare/artifact ingredients are like consumable items so playing for 200 hours just to get 1 charge, will mean nothing since they will lose them after 1 battle.

Conserving Rare / artifact level spells are more suited in a roguelike game. Do you die now ? or use your rare spells to survive this encounter. Players who are prepared for the battle may get away with casual spells.

#4920031 I propose that Mages by nature should be unbalanced and therefore hax.

Posted by on 07 March 2012 - 05:01 AM

i agree mages should be op and deal extreme dmg and be like gods. Skyrim sucked because spells were weak and ignorable, they should have dealt 400% more dmg.

1) limitation: to cast powerfull spells they need ingredients. Ingredients act like "spells memorised per rest in dnd" and this is what adds difficulty to the mage class. Do you use omega artifact level spells to survive this battle or not ? you may need it later.

You can cast the spell disintegrate or finger of death to instantly destroy anything even if it is 99999999999 levels above you however the ingredients are too rare like 1-2 per game.
  • casual ingredients: blink, cc, and med dmg spells (30-40% hp damage).
  • rare ingredients: strong spells with 7 sec stun (works on bosses), or spells that kill simple enemies, deal 60% dmg against elites, 40% dmg against bosses. These are really expensive, cost ~= all gold generated per dungeon.
  • artifact ingredients: op spells that can instantly destroy the entire universe in 1 button press.
2) storywise: unaffected. Just add "bluff / alazony dialog options" to mage class.

3) It makes sense everyone to be able to become a mage, magic should be something common.
If you want to play crappy real world, go play big brother, not a fantasy game.

Warrior vs mage pvp:
1) Anti-mage spec warrior : aura of silence. Nuff said instant win.
2) Buffed before battle Mage: mage goes in melee and kills the warrior with his sword in 3 hits and takes almost no dmg.
3) potionspammer warrrior: unlimited hp = unkillable.
A warrior could use weapons enchanted by magic to have a chance to cast a mage spell, e.g 1% cast to instantly kill the target.
or 40% chance to cast fireball.

Actually now that i realise it the pvp in this system will suck as it will be a 0/1 binary choice, its instant win or instant lose. No choice. No skillshots. Player action cant change the outcome and realies too much on "stats".
Well the solution is simple, disable rare/artifact spells, potions in pvp.

#4911432 More Interactive mmorpgs ?

Posted by on 09 February 2012 - 02:55 PM

It seems that the current designers of mmorpgs have never played a true multiplier game.

The only reason players play mmorpg is for power. When they reach the level or item cap they just quit.
And why shouldn't they, when there is nothing else to do.

Cooperation with others is only on a selfish level, everyone cares only about himself, only about his loot. This is not an attribute innate to humans but one that is imposed by the game.

a) you dont have gear, you are noob, bye kick.

b) you arent XXX OP class, you are a noob, kick bye.

c) you aren't playing wow nonstop every day like a freak? kick, bye from our guild. We only cared about loot in the first place, you are a burden to carry around, we dont need you, why waste 4 bytes of extra disk space in our guild when it has limited space.

There is no real social interaction. Look at the chat people have there, it is 100% related to the dungeon they play, no off-topic, no getting to know the others. If we take these games (WOW included) and replace human players with bots nothing will change, the player will have the same gaming experience. Therefore all mmorpgs currently are 100% singleplayer. Ok there is pvp that allows players to compete with its other, it is ok but that is a limited form of social interaction, I WANT MORE !!!

Now lets take a look at a TRUE multiplier game, sonic shuffle.

a) loot not associated with fights/dungeons, but comes for free without really asking from total time played.

b) 150 different minigames, that dont last long 2-5 minutes on average. Therefore a player getting "bored" and not enjoying the game is not a possible outcome, since he will adapt to the fact that the game is full of these "minigames".

c) about the curse mutation player: its similar as the minigame where sonic becomes a giant and chases others (1shots everyone he catches). Only here the others can fight back, and change the outcome.

What Sonic shuffle could have done MORE:

a) its not an rpg, it could have added stats, levels to allow players to fill more powerfull.

b) content limited to premade static content from developers, this is ok but the content is limited. The correct way would be players and guilds to have the ability to create new maps, minigames and have 100% access to all developer tools.

#4909069 How to keep the trolls out of online gaming

Posted by on 03 February 2012 - 03:24 AM

You fail to prevent trolls because you think as developers not as trolls, your decisions only propagate this behavior and force players to become trolls.
Ask me who have trolled in the past plenty of times, and i believe all of my troll attempts are justified, i wont take any back.

How it starts ( the game forces you to become a troll):
a) friendly fire: if someone kills me in an online game. Example: wow (solution: disable).
b) kicks / downvotes: for no reason / unfairness/ or downvote just because they dont agree with me. (solution: disable).
c) report: threats that i will be reported for no reason or blaming me for something that is not true. (solution: disable)
d) money: only donors are allowed to chat, or have good gear. (solution: disable)
e) killsteal: (solution: disable)
e) chat: for instance example chat in league of legends : sucks - is op - is troll - is ks - afk - feeder - angry gamer saying "fu"
I think 100% of the trolling in league of legends happens due to this. Some nab ignorant "non-troll" starts like that forcing you to become a troll. (solution: disable???)

Measures :
1) Language filters: i will rephrase it so i am unaffected. (solution: disable)
2) Moderators: create a new account and byPass ip. Troll continues with new zeal for unjustified ban.(solution: disable)
3) Karma points: become a troll because they downvote for no reason.(solution: disable)
4) Rewarding players who help newbies (yes this is the only solution).
Build your game around helping players, exchanging gifts, Zynga is the only company that did this right (although i hate get XXX friends restrictions).
5) Vote kicking & abusing the vote kick(solution: disable)
6) Player ranking - (solution:unaffected: trolls are at all ranks).

Synopsis : i believe that trying to fight it aggressively with only create more trolls. The solutions are :
a) friendly sublimiar messages at loading screen.
b) game created at building good player relationships like zynga.

#4908246 How to put skill on the player and less on the character? (RPG/Roguelike)

Posted by on 31 January 2012 - 07:49 PM

ooops, thats true, he wants to move away from stats.

#4908010 How to put skill on the player and less on the character? (RPG/Roguelike)

Posted by on 31 January 2012 - 09:09 AM

1) Again you assume that bigger stats mean easier enemies, thats no true as i can make enemies have the same level as you therefore always the same difficulty.
2) Also you assume that stats have a cap, well that is a bug with your game implementation, they could have used long variables to prevent such thing from ever happening.
3) Stat range should be crazy huge, to reward player choices, i can see endgame a lv 1233232484 enemy to be 1233232484^2 stronger than a level 1 player. However its up to the player, to choose to go to places with bigger level than them (if they dare).

#4907784 Play without save/load

Posted by on 30 January 2012 - 04:03 PM

How about an omega hard elite mode after you beat the main game that :
1) has "i wanna be that guy" difficulty, every step has a 1hit kill trap, simple trash monsters can only be killed by kiting and exploiting its dump ai pathfinding, forcing you to save every step.

#4907760 How to put skill on the player and less on the character? (RPG/Roguelike)

Posted by on 30 January 2012 - 02:44 PM

enemies in starter areas can still be challenging even to a lv 9999999 player, just make enemies have the same level as player.

seems you never played a roguelike. Roguelike is 0% based on player skill, but 100% based on gear.
a hardcore elite player that has played the game for 999999 hours will still die in 1 hit if he has 99% resist instead of 100% resist.Because he has 1% chance to instantly die.

#4852900 should healers deal same damage as dps ?

Posted by on 23 August 2011 - 01:10 PM

you come here proving false evidense about league of legends, changed the subject to focus on league of legends instead of healers and then called me a troll, lol people nowadays. Plz go back to your 6 warmong 7000 hp tank, a single magic resist item will make you have more total hp. Proves to me that you havent leveled to 30 yet, and your only purpose in this thread is to make impressions.

#4852870 should healers deal same damage as dps ?

Posted by on 23 August 2011 - 12:10 PM


1) naked leblanc (no items) can 1shot everything at lv 6, then the story continues from then on and easily gets 5-6 kills until 20 min.
2) Warwick is ganker, he wont go alone, so it will never be a 1vs1, problem fixed.
3) jax dies, thx for feeding, 80 tower dmg per hit doesnt hurt, jax will have 1 sec to deal dmg (stun) afterwords he is killed like all tanks do, also jax has laughable dps before he builds his charges).
When I tank I have 7000+ hp
g0 b@ck t0 y0ur l0w el0 n@b, from when do you have 6 warmongs and no boots ?
They come in, and nuke the tank (dumb, but it's your example not mine),  and drop him, now ALL THREE OF YOUR GLASS CANNONS are USELESS
yes my glasscannons are now useless after killing the tank. so what we retreat and wait 10 sec for our cooldowns, you "cant force us to fight", we haz range, you dont haz range because you are farther away from us (tank is nearer to us than you, you have no range to crowd control us and 0.1sec is enough to get a kill).
my entire team would be decked out with Magic Resist to shut you down
So ? we will kill 1-2 people every 10 sec until we get void staff.
there's not going to be even ONE PERSON on my team who has "0 defense items
We can get our food at 6:00 - 20:00, none has defense items then, we will be +10-15 kills above you, because of this strategy, we may have weak late game champions, but because we will have better early game we will win, you will surrender at 20min (80% chance).
8) amumu will die before he activates his ult, problem fixed.
a) you cant grab us with your bandage, because we have a brain and we tower hag.
b) we are ranged, our 0.1sec macro kills you as it does to every tank before you can reach us, you wont be able to activate your ult in 0.1sec cause of network packet latency, you cant go back in time.
Its simple mathematics what cant you understand :
enemy has 1 hp, we start battle first, we win, we end battle (go to our tower), no hp damage taken.
You may find it hard to believe because the majority of players dont use external programs to automate playstyle, we do, k thx bye, its your problem for failing to adapt.
c) we are tower haggers, we choose when fights start and when they end, if we want to escape, nothing cant prevent us, if you want to attack us, you cant because our tower = we have unlimited hp and can escape.
9) you video is fake (enemy team feeds on purpose),
a) melee ezreal that casts only 1 spell. ezreal is no mage, he deserves to die.
b) melee heimerdinger, he is no mage, he deserves to die.
c) melee teemo, he is no mage, he deserves to die.
d) rammus, he is tank has 0 dmg, he deserves to die.
e) allistar, he is a tank has 0 dmg, he deserves to die.
Proves my point that tanks, and ad are useless in league of legends and deserve to die.