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[Monthly Discussion] on RPG flaws - Month 5: "Battle Encounter Design"

11 September 2012 - 06:20 AM

All rpgs have taken the assumption that given a good gear and skill level they should be able to win a fight 100% of the time. They adopt the holy trinity concept (healer, tank, dps) and end up with 5-10 min boss fights where they follow a predetermined macro they read from a guide. These fights allow 0 player creativity. Same combo spammed every battle, same outcome every battle, they follow a battle chorography like bots. A bot would be more efficient than a human in this case, 0 lag, perfect coordination, 100% ability to dodge aoe effects.

What if this wasn't true ? What if battles were luck based. And chance to win was based purely on luck. Better gear or playstyle will increase the chance to win but there would always the risk to outright lose regardless of your actions because luck failed.

An example from dnd that doesnt follow determined battles:

3 kobolt mages (each deal 40 dmg with ice ray every 2 sec). Aggro immunity.

vs you (3 members)
Tank: 110 hp. 3shotted.
Dps/healer: 50 hp. 2 shotted. Healer: heals 20-40 hp. Dmg dealers kill kobolts in 2-4sec.

Party compositions.
a) Random : If you get lucky, you manage to spread the damage and win the battle. Else you lose.

b) 3 Rogues : stealth, stunlock them and kill them before they react. if you get spotted before you stun, you die.

c) Holy trinity : with luck, if you spread the dmg you defeat them.

What would this allow is more chaotic situations, a party member dies, and then your party has to improvise in order to win the fight. You lose a party member, they lose a party member too.

Deterministic Critical / Dodge Chance

12 July 2012 - 12:41 AM

I want a propability distribution / pseudonumber generator / or simple algorithm to simulate deterministic critical chance in an rpg with the following attributes:

Lets say i have 10% critical chance.

1) [Requirement] Every 10 hits, at least one of them must be critical. I dont care which let it be random.
i.e Between those 10 hits, player will crit at least once.
2) [Requirement] Between those 10 hits, player wont be able to crit twice.
From 1) 2) we conclude we want player to crit exactly once.
3) [optional] P(X=x) = 10% for x = {1,2,3,... 10} Chance of an attack between those 10 hits to be a critical =10%. So that it's not exploitable e.g player hitting a minion first and then attacking enemy champion and getting 100% critical chance.

Ok so you math experts what is the solution to my problem, there must be a propability distribution to solve my problem.

To Conculde:
I want between [ 1 / crit_chance ] hits, player to crit exactly one time.
[optional] chance the crit to be at Xth attempt is equal for x = {1,2,3,... 10}.

thank you,

is a videogame considered Collective Work ?

28 June 2012 - 07:39 AM

hello i would like to know if a video game is considered a derrivative or a collective work.

I am talking about a game that uses assets without modying them like images, 3d models, music.

If it is considered as a collective work, it would be legally allowed to use creative commons share alike and creative commons no derrivatives assets. If it is considered as a derrivatve then it wont be possible to use them.

Should pvp be glasscannon like ?

28 March 2012 - 03:09 AM

I would like to ask if pvp should be build around "whoever attacks first wins" or with more balanced approach like wow.

A) Whoever attacks first wins :
Example Glasscannon mages at lv 6 in League of legends. Everything dies in 1 hit. <Annie> at lv 6 can blink and instant kill <le-blanc> in 1 button press, but <le-blanc> could have pressed the attack button before annie blinked, instantly killing her when she comes in range (after blink). So a skilled annie should have blinked after le-blanc pressed attack button on a minion.

1) prevention is important: Since everything dies in 1 hit, you know that if someone attacks first you will instantly die, so you watch spell ranges, skillshots, buy wards. Support champions become usefull because they can buy wards and grant vision of area.
2) Lucky players can go 1vs5 and get penta without losing 1 hp: example fed karthus/fiddlesticks/trynda/yi against nabs.
3) Class imbalance doesnt matter because everything dies in 1hit. This allows more class divercity. You can win even if you have inferior gear, or are an inferior player.

1) player skill relies only who jumps first on others.
2) battles can last 0 sec [ opponent dies in exactly 1 hit ]
3) melee champions are useless in group battles.
4) can cause rage, trolls, negative attitude.

note: blablabla you can buy armor, but i dont consider it as an option in my analysis in order to demonstrate what "whoever attacks first wins" playstyle means.

Another example is vannilla wow, even if battles lasts longer e.g 6 seconds you will be stunned 100% of your time and just die without being able to do a single thing [i forbid pvp trinket for this mode].

B) Tanky players like in wow cataclysm. Battles take 15-20 seconds to end.

1) The effect of a battles can change even if you get jumped. Skill plays a more important role here.
2) you can "play" before you die.

1) nabs wont be able to beat skilled players.
2) class are too homogenized. Why should i play a druid when a warrior does the same job and without having to heal ? It seems the warrior is better, he wins in pvp without having to run away like a coward and he has a much easier playstyle. And the druid gets no rewards for playing a harder class.
3) if enemy has better gear, it just gives the illusion you have a "chance" to fight back. Why not instant die in 0sec (as mercifull death) to avoid watching the 15 second pvp fight.

Skyrim sucks, anyone who played it also sucks

29 February 2012 - 03:49 AM

To all those who played skyrim and like it, i respond you to you that you are hypocrites.
How dare you like skyrim. You play games only becomes of their marketing hype, and copy paste the wow crowd reaction.

Unbiased skyrim rating : 0/5.

Controls :
The most notable thing in skyrim is its awkward controls even the mouse and keyboard don't work in the menus. You have to obtain 4 hands to "play" the game.
Crap controls only 2 attacks can be "hold" on mouse. You have to wait 10 years to switch a spell. Switching with buttons 1-9 doesn't work, it will mess your duel wielding.

Has crap uninspired graphics for enemies, even ff7 in stone era 20 years ago had better enemy graphics. wow, madcraps are gonna kill me, nice concept art.
Enemies have no abilities, simple autoattack - autowalk mobs. Mario in 1960 had better enemies.
Menu graphics sucks, its like it is done by a 3 year old c++ script kiddie. Its 5-10 buttons thrown on your face, and you have to navigate them with "up", "down" keyboard.

Perk system sucks, the perk abilities aren't even noticeable, wow that +5% gold that is gonna help me so much when i have unlimited gold.
Spells don't scale, hi this is an rpg where enemies level up, but YOU the player level down as time passes, as your spells have the same static dmg, static effect.
You can create an unwinnable game if you level up only non combat proffisions.
No customization everyone ends as the same 100 skill min-maxed capped toon.
Skill caps : 100. You are forbidden from playing the game after 100 skill caps, and why play if you get no rewards.
Has no magic / real spell system, spells are only a "weak mechanical reproducible scientific ability" you might as well think that flames comes from your azz.
No Spell variety only 10 spells exist in the game, the other are copy paste with a different texture.

1) added dragons, against elder scrolls role. The dragons were "unhittable" meshes. Attacking a dragon while flying dealt 0 dmg with bows, it just passed through them. Dragons could teleport.
Bad animation: I was surprised when the dragon in the beginning teleported 0.1 meter to catch an npc with his nails, playing a badly designed/synched scripted animation, big immersion breaker. If you can't handle animation then dont add it, no need to pretend.

2) Awfull afk combat system: Enemies don't even notice that you attack them at all, they dont react, no "get damaged animation". Its like 2 afk mobs getting stuck in "attack animation", and just numbers flying above them.
To realise how bad the combat system is do the following. Go near a dragon, get down to 10% hp.
Open console add 999999999999999999999 hp. After 1 second the dragon will remember that once upon a time you had low hp and after it finishes its previous animation it will teleport you on its mouth, throwing you away and giving you a game over screen. Doing console.world.teleport() to other locations wont save you from the game over screen.

3) Color blind game: only 1 color existings in this game gray. the same copy paste snow environment.
You: but it has waterfalls with nice graphics me: which is gray.

4) Invisible walls everywhere, cant jump, no exploration, cant go above mountains because invisible walls stop you. You dont belive me ? play with console.player.jump = 50

5) Crap main character graphics. You only see the main character's back. Wow seeing the same crap badly designed wizard robe for 60 hours is fun. Only 1 wizard robe model in the entire game, the others are only recolors. To me it seems as a static afk image sprite representing my character.

6) no character appearance choice, if you dare to wear something that looks better you die.

7) Enemies kill you in 1 hit. well i see their choice, since the game has no fight animation, no choices in battle you only perform the same copy paste action, fights must last 1-6 sec so that the player doesnt realise how much the game sucks.

8) Save-load spam. If you die you have to replay the game from scrach from the last save and if you forgot to save ? well better throw skyrim to the trash can then.
The designers were too lazy to add checkpoints so that if you die you respawn in a nearby position.

Skyrim adds nothing new to the elder scrolls franchise, it shouldn't have been created, morrowind is better. Graphics aren't gonna save skyrim.