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moeen k

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#5217614 how to comunicate with diffrent exe files?

Posted by moeen k on 19 March 2015 - 06:02 AM

I didn't mean you should make a separate EXE


well. thank you my friend. and i understood your answer. this is for compeletly different part

#5216761 Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment

Posted by moeen k on 15 March 2015 - 08:41 PM

well. ireally like this question. its a very new approach in artificial intelegence in games.i try explain as much as i can and you can find more in internet.


as we all know immersion is most important touchstone to measure that a game is good or weak. if you make the player to play the game more hours so you immersed him much more. if the game is very hard and he loses every times so its a hard game for him or if its very easy it will not satisfy the veteran player. most of games ask you which level of difficality you want to play but most of the time player cant understand the word hard means how much hard and...  modern games let you change level of difficality in middle of the game or call of duty in modern warfare series had a training mode in first level of game that measures you ability and suggested suitable level of difficulity or in maxpayne 3 the game gave you one more health pill.but most of the time players choose false level of difficulity.


but you can do much more. its all about your creativity and your own algorithms but you have to know one important thing. you have to make player feel that he/she is doing a very hard and important work and avoid to make him feel that you are giving him chances. for example in a shooter game you can just write a code that if health of player is very low, just add health kits on the way he is dynamicly or make less shots end to him or in a strategic game when player is losing, the enemy uses cheaper tactic. these like you fool the player but its you art to not make the player fell that way.

#5215561 why some turn based games are so popular?

Posted by moeen k on 09 March 2015 - 08:31 PM

well. you said very well my friends but there are something that i disagree. first you said a shooter and a turn based game are mostly the same but the time factor is deleted in turn based. i think most of turn based game give you time limitations just to prevent the game to be very slow. and you said in a shooter still you have to choice factor and im agree with it but a very important thing that makes it a shooter much better is skill factor. you should be able to aim faster, move faster and...


you said in most of turn based games, gameplay is not the main factor. its very important to tell the story. well i think in shooter games like call of duty, max payne, red dead, bioshock and half life you get much much better story rather than these turn based games.


im not completely against turn based but there is one game that gives you highest level of choce and tactics in turn based and that is rome:total war. in every turn you can send an spy to any country, you can choose to fight to each of them, you can rethreat, you can higher or lower taxes, you can upgrade your culture and so much more. but most of simple turn based games just looking for best choice for most damage i believe its not so much gameplay and even not so much story. sometimes i see critics admire these group games that i think i cant understand these games and they say call of duty is just a dull repetitive game.

#5212686 Google Play or Steam Greenlight?

Posted by moeen k on 24 February 2015 - 06:46 AM

i think its not a good idea to just focus on one platform but if you think there is potential just for developing on one platform just make for one of them and after it started giving you benefits, start working for other platforms.


for puzzle 2d indie games, i believe its more popular on mobile platforms like android and ios. so if you are very comfortable working for mobile platforms, its better to start you game for them but working for pc is much simpler. you can test and debug you game so fast. all controlls can be simply defined but mobile is a little harder because you have to debug it on a real device to be sure controlls work very well. so if you are not exprienced enough just start working for pc, when you built you game its just about changing controlls to move it to other platforms(for engine like unity its a simple process, if you write a good modular code it will be simple too but if you make you code unmanaged and write spagetti code it will be hard)


as i know googleplay has no policy so every program and game you put on there will be accepted, but greenlight has some filters that makes it a little hard. i think both them take 30percent of every sale.

#5212182 who really a creative director is?

Posted by moeen k on 21 February 2015 - 06:32 PM

It is generally shortsighted to think that there is a "most important role" in the process of game development: they are all fairly critical and without any one of them, the others will suffer, occasionally to the detriment or failure of the project.

That +1000

No earlier than yesterday, I was arguing with a VP that a VP has no value when there are no programmers, but that programmers have value without a VP.

People higher up in the hierarchy's role is to focus everyone else's value towards common general goals. In other words, they are supposed to be 'buffs'.



i think im in a little disagreement with you my friends. i believe what made call of duty and the the last of great games are designers not programmer. but designers that have good technical understanding  of programing and technical limitations.


when a designer or creative director design a gameplay  or feature, programmers are obligated to make that and start to prototype that idea. if the programmer couldnt do with expected quality that there will be better replacement, as directors in naughty dog say: just hire best possible people.


i think you idea is about indie developers. in an indie team as you dont have enough budget, even you have a great idea, you have to program and prototype it on your own, so in that situation programing is most critical part.


dont want to tell stories. just short examples.


which names are known with name of call of duty: west, zampella, dave anthony and... non of them were programers but a director have to find which idea makes a game sell too much or what most of people want. or we know gears of war series with cliff bleszinski and the last of us with neil druckman and bruce straily because in the end i think they define what the main feeling of the game should be. maybe programmers suffer much more than them to create those ideas but designers and directors. what you say is like  peter jackson is not important until you dont have visual effects team. but in the end if there was a success for lord of the ring most of prizes was for him and there was a lose all of punishments was for him.


still we have great and known people in technical side of the games like john carmack and tim sweeny but that is for algorithms, engines and...





#5210808 how to know most hack possiblities and find best way to handle them

Posted by moeen k on 15 February 2015 - 06:31 AM

In short never try and write your own encryption, use something tried and tested like an ssl library.


i think ssl is specially for web. maybe its possible to work with it in sockets. im not writing my on encryption. im using using System.Security.Cryptography; what can be problem of working this way? my just probable problem i think is RSA may be heavy process for encrypt and decrypting strings

#5210359 best and fastest way to understand a code written by some one else

Posted by moeen k on 12 February 2015 - 04:07 PM

Good luck with reading and understanding 10k loc's per day. Your team have pretty optimists expectations.


thank you for answering. they just want a general undesrtanding. the code has some comments on every function generaly about what it does. but you think there is no time limitation.ignore the time. just give me a line some steps to understand it most efficient

#5190232 ai dependent to level

Posted by moeen k on 30 October 2014 - 03:45 PM

thank you @staremire  it was a good answer. my game has muc more levels but in shooter game most of scanerios will be like that

#5190214 ai dependent to level

Posted by moeen k on 30 October 2014 - 02:50 PM

hello my friends.


im working on a tank 3d top down project and i started coding enemy ai.


i have diffrent maps with diffrent scanerios. for example one map enemy attacks you and your base and one map players should clean a road or one other you should attack their base. and there are same tanks in these levels.


this is my queestion:

should i write a general ai code with many states like patroling after finding player follow or shooting and after losing....


or making it dependent to level and environment an in every level just activate that code? for example one level enemy knows where you are so never goes to patrol state or in clean road level never moves and just shoots and...

which one is more advanced and easier to work?


thank you for helping

#5183441 best way to backup my project

Posted by moeen k on 28 September 2014 - 03:35 AM

hi. my project is taking long about 4 month and codes and content are getting bigger. but there is a big concern to me and it is what if my computer crashes or data delete or format on my hard disk. i think all pro teams care about this issue and do something. what is the best way to make my project safe? is it good to upload my project on a webhost everytime? my project is a little big and it takes time to upoad and download it and even unsafe. and i think its not a good idea to copy it on other computers. thank you for helping

#5179692 how to balance my game?

Posted by moeen k on 11 September 2014 - 03:18 PM


i didnt know really to put my post on which part in technical part or creative part but in the end i posted here.


as you know one of the most resonf of succes in games like titanfall, dota ,warcraft, and maybe l4d is balanced multiplayer in the meaning that characters behave diffrent but in the end player doesnt feel that other player is stronger than him. 


for example in titanfall titans have better firepower and they have bigger amount health but they are slower and they are easy to aim in the other side pilots are faster with less fire power and health and are harder to aim. but in the end game make them in the end that in a same moment no one has advantage.

and there are alot of more examples as you know


im working on a tank project on unity that uses these kind of variaety as i said. but is that just playing with variables on program and script?

and how can i find they are compeletly balanced? i think varibles like speed and power are not rellated at all. i think i cant say

tank1: speed 20 power 80

tank2: speed 80 power 20


i think it doesnt work.


thank you for helping.

#5178699 how to run a php code with your android app

Posted by moeen k on 07 September 2014 - 09:44 AM

what you are trying to do. Web based app, java app or what?


my friends please!!!!

it was a mobile programing competition and the challenge we chose to do was to make a database that every could see that. so it had to be online. so we had to choose mysql instead of sqlite.

it was a health system that your doctor takes your information and give feedback to you and every one with a certain pasword can see your info like your family. just that. sorry for asking that here.i am a game developer and  i thought people here answer better than stackoverflow.

in the end our program didnt work very well :|

i think now you know what i meant

#5169833 android bluetooth or wifi connection multiplayer

Posted by moeen k on 28 July 2014 - 01:07 PM

thank you my friends im working on links and info you gave. thank you

#5169650 how to manage project for multi platforms on engine based or graoundup project

Posted by moeen k on 27 July 2014 - 08:39 PM

is this a wrong question? really no answer for it?

#5169649 android bluetooth or wifi connection multiplayer

Posted by moeen k on 27 July 2014 - 08:37 PM

hi. i made a simple game for android by eclipse but i want to make it a multiplayer. i dont want internet connection. just sending and recieving data through bluetooth or wifi. first i have to ask which one is better for this? does it work like server client system? all i search for it is just about pairing files for bluetooth and wifi. how can i do it for sending data like number or string?

thank you for helping