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moeen k

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#5169833 android bluetooth or wifi connection multiplayer

Posted by moeen k on 28 July 2014 - 01:07 PM

thank you my friends im working on links and info you gave. thank you

#5169649 android bluetooth or wifi connection multiplayer

Posted by moeen k on 27 July 2014 - 08:37 PM

hi. i made a simple game for android by eclipse but i want to make it a multiplayer. i dont want internet connection. just sending and recieving data through bluetooth or wifi. first i have to ask which one is better for this? does it work like server client system? all i search for it is just about pairing files for bluetooth and wifi. how can i do it for sending data like number or string?

thank you for helping

#5159987 question about human and financial source management

Posted by moeen k on 12 June 2014 - 03:20 AM

thank you mr sloper. but always those repetitive questions have repetitive answers. but everyone that asks them has specefic situation.


im from iran and maybe you know biggest games made in iran was garshasp and "et armies".

indiedb.com mentioned it as best indie game of 2013 but i know all the people worked on project.

project now i think is in 4th year of develpment and no one paid them anything.


i think no indie game project has been too long as much and publisher just told them your own have to pay money for publishing it in iran.


some one introduced kickstarter website but no such website is supported in iran and some other said define milestones and pay your stuff in those milestones but no one will pay for your game in middle of that to you give that money to your stuff.


in profesional development structure, publisher pays your team until to end of project but all the benefits will be for publisher but as and indie team we cant follow these things.

#5156200 how to design my programs and games structure?

Posted by moeen k on 27 May 2014 - 12:16 AM



iworked on some programs that some about games and some were not. and i worket on engines like udk and ue4 but there were always aproblem.


something that you you may say structure would happen during the programing. i just imagined and object as a class and started coding for it but there were a lot of mistakes there and those programs was not as compicated as im working now.


its better to write an structure for it but i dont know what is the best way for it.


i have learnt about ssadm and object oriented analyze like class diagram and ...... but i dont know do them work here as in a game we have concepts like spawning or ai behavior and......


are there any good pattern or procedure that help me design my game from ground up or by engine or my program for game like an editor for my levels.


how should i imagine of my program look like.

should i think about it as an end project that what i want and after that start to document those designs and after that start to code? what about i wanted there to be some changes. how should  structure be to those changes be easy?

#5155617 What do you do when you need an idea?

Posted by moeen k on 24 May 2014 - 03:53 AM

i believe first step in designing a game is to find what was your best experience in gaming and which game was most fun to you and then if you


hadnt any great idea just to start make that better or more fun because if you like that ganre most it makes your mind think most and you can find


very good ideas there for example i like fps games most but everyone said you cant do anything there its better to work on something like 2d


moblie side scrolling or top down but i had no idea there and i knew that that game was not going to be interesting at all but in fps with little


environment and less animations and simple graphics i can do a lot on ai and player behavior that i know no one did before on udk. for addition i


say try not to change you ganre if you want to be more professional because when you did something in a project you can do it fast in next


project and concentrate on new things but in diffrent ganres you have to do basic things again. and i have to say you have a new game project


when you have a new idea. dont just try to make a game. when you found an idea write it as a basic gdd and through the project if you had more


ideas try to add it for better experience to player.

#5153945 how to find specefic platforms sdk like p34 and xone?

Posted by moeen k on 16 May 2014 - 02:17 AM

is it free to register or you have to pay for it? is it impossible to find it from indirect sites? can you give me some links? and i dont know what you mean registered, because there is no option for it in ue4 i think you mean registeredas licensee developer. i think you have to pay 1.5 million dollar for it

#5152438 why in many fps games player character doesnt talk?

Posted by moeen k on 08 May 2014 - 07:40 PM

what i undestand is the main goal in fps is you are the character in game but in campaign fps games you have to tell story and most of the time story should be told through dialoges because in specially shooter games game should be fast ind its impossible to tell story in documents. in games such cod because there are many characters that are with you and maybe story is more about them to player maybe its still weired to be silent but its convincing to save fps feeling and give player no dialoge. but in games like prey as plainoldcj showed its just about player and that character feelings are important and that time we have no other choice. i think as we have now better technology on voice recognition maybe in game if player had a dialog we subtitle it and player should say that. i dont mean rpg but something like i sead even helps player immersion.


#5151470 a cheap and easy way to make animations

Posted by moeen k on 04 May 2014 - 02:21 PM

thank you my friends. yo sujjestions were  amazing. now im working on them.

#5129463 best game algorithm

Posted by moeen k on 06 February 2014 - 07:37 PM

hi. IVE BEEN WORKING  on game projects for a while but i had problems on working on many part of games that isolved them anyway but i think there are basic simple solutions for them. some basic standard algorithms for them that is same in all aengines and languages and api,s. for example in a game there are some moments that a charcter moves to a new position. you want to say if a player moved to that postion hes,the winner. as you know a game runs at least 30 times in asecond and the code runs 30 seconds in a second to. if you say if(position==...) or if(pisition>...) that part of code runs as many times as your charcter is in that situation and you just want that part of code runs at just one frame. or many other algorithm like spawning enemies in diffrent places or diffrent ai for diffrent kind of enemy creature or...........

i think there should be a resource for these kind of algorithmes.

thank you for helping