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moeen k

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question about 3dmax viewport canvas

Today, 11:16 AM

hello. i recently found 3dmax has a tool name viewport canvas and i hva some questions about it.


1)is this the best choice to texture models? i think it is much easier of unwrap it and paint it photoshop but i still see most of tutorials use this instead of using viewport canvas. and i think it is better than zbrush because it colors the faces instead of polygons and its better for lowpoly games.


2)how to create masks? is this the bump map or it is diffrent? as i found if i want to map be there like logo or arm you have to have the exact mask of that texture.


3)how can i change the sampling size texture(i think its called tiling)? i found no option for it but when i made camera farther the ssampling was bigger. is that the way it works?


4)i want to drawing be smooth and when i draw the texture the next point i draw be continue of my drawing of last point in main texture(i dont know i explained it well) how can i fix that?

best way to backup my project

28 September 2014 - 03:35 AM

hi. my project is taking long about 4 month and codes and content are getting bigger. but there is a big concern to me and it is what if my computer crashes or data delete or format on my hard disk. i think all pro teams care about this issue and do something. what is the best way to make my project safe? is it good to upload my project on a webhost everytime? my project is a little big and it takes time to upoad and download it and even unsafe. and i think its not a good idea to copy it on other computers. thank you for helping

best way to make game render most efficient

11 September 2014 - 05:11 PM


I asked this question from some level designer and modeler peoples and forums but non of them gave me a good answer so I thought to ask it from graphic programmers.


How can I find maximum possible polycount and texture resolution and particle for a certain hardware or platform? I think my question is obvious but no one gives a good answer.


Many people say even great teams start benchmarking and do some test and fail on it. for example when they see the game runs slow on 360 they start to lower polycounts. I think it is a long and hard process. or for pc they make game and after that they start benchmarking it on different configurations and they introduce minimum system. I just want to know what is the best way to do that.


Thank you for helping

how to balance my game?

11 September 2014 - 03:18 PM


i didnt know really to put my post on which part in technical part or creative part but in the end i posted here.


as you know one of the most resonf of succes in games like titanfall, dota ,warcraft, and maybe l4d is balanced multiplayer in the meaning that characters behave diffrent but in the end player doesnt feel that other player is stronger than him. 


for example in titanfall titans have better firepower and they have bigger amount health but they are slower and they are easy to aim in the other side pilots are faster with less fire power and health and are harder to aim. but in the end game make them in the end that in a same moment no one has advantage.

and there are alot of more examples as you know


im working on a tank project on unity that uses these kind of variaety as i said. but is that just playing with variables on program and script?

and how can i find they are compeletly balanced? i think varibles like speed and power are not rellated at all. i think i cant say

tank1: speed 20 power 80

tank2: speed 80 power 20


i think it doesnt work.


thank you for helping.

how to run a php code with your android app

05 September 2014 - 06:19 AM

hello my friends. im working on a project that needs to work with mysql database and query it from an android device. how can i really dot that? most of tutorials is saw in internet make it with php files. but i didnt understand it very well. should i make my php files seperatly for each query and put it on host and call it by pressing button from android? can you explain it to me?

thank you for helping me