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moeen k

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how to manage project for multi platforms on engine based or graoundup project

17 July 2014 - 08:50 AM


this may be a easy simple question but i dont know about it.


im starting a new project and i want to take output for ios android and pc. as a developer how should i think about my project?

should i work parallel ? for example when i implemented move forward for my character by up arrow for pc after that i implemnt touching a up arrow looking  sprite for android and ios or its better to focus on a certain platform and after taking last output for it start working for next platform? what is the best way? i think what professional teams do is they have diffrent team for each platforms and they work parallel but as a indie little team what is best way to do?

thank you for helping

choosing best engine

16 July 2014 - 06:38 PM


im starting a new project but i cant really find best engine and tool. maybe you have more information and you can help me.



i want to  make my project for android ios and pc and i have 2 choices ue4 and unity. as i want to my projects to be base of other bigger projects, i prefer to work on ue4. we all know that a lot of great project was made on it but it have a lot of tools but there is a problem. still there are not much tutorials for it and if you want to learn it compeletly you have to move through sample projects and im not sure i can implement my project and ideas comepeltely on it but im sure using systems like animation blueprint helps you make smooth animations and using behavior tree makes making ai easy.

in other hand there is unity. there are not so many tools in it but i think its specially designed for indie developers. and there is just  c# and java scripting. but we cant produce high quality graphics as well as ue4. and untill now games been made by unity dont have very good animations but there are alot of tutorials for it in internet and i know most part of it and as indie team that makes game for mobile no one expects high quality graphics and animations.


what you think? should your first projects be base of the next projects or you just you choose your tools just before of each project and defining a gdd and after that you start learning those new tools and engine?

defining good and suitable procedure

15 July 2014 - 02:53 PM


im starting a new project and its a team project. i dont really good in defining procedures. i think its the most professional way that you make a procedure that someone should do something first  first and after that some one do next thing based on first one work. 


like first one makes a basic model and a programmer or technical works on it on engine and .....

but there is a problem. most of teams these days are iterrative and make things parallel but as we are a remote team and work by skype yahoo and trello and i think its better to work waterfall and its better beacuse it makes connections less and makes us free from too many import and exports. you think is there gonna be big problems?


and next question is: what is the order of defining systems in game? for example how much animations should be completed to start ai or interactions? or its bette to define completely ai or after that story or cinematics?


i think there should be certain rules on other people and teams exprience or you think its something that we have to find by ourselves?


i read "Agile Game Development with Scrum by Addison Wesley" but it was too generall and didnt help so much.


thank you for helping


is this much importatnt to have a strong fixed gdd?

11 July 2014 - 04:32 PM


for a long time i was searching for a good way to write gdd but after a while i think gdd is not the most important part.


as i am the only technical and programer in my team i know what my imagination will be and as i know most of the people in the forum are indie.


and as indie developer you have not much exprience and you just test your ideas that is this possible or not.


so most of the time a fixed design maybe doesnt work.

and even after writing first gdd you find that there is an idea that can be added to your game. but even the way i chose i think it has a big problem.


first one is when endup the obssesion of your new ideas? when you reached the timeline?(for example in interview of cod:ghosts mark rubin said: dog gameplay wasnt in our main design and after watching a documentry we added that gameplay) but how they could controll that for a timeline or how they could be sure that should be great? or end your design when a good tester sais thats enough for this game?


the next problem is most of the time your idea is amazing but (i dont know what you call it) its not a cooked idea and you cant implement it fun. how you should behave that? put it aside for another game and maybe another tools or engine or continue working on it untill it is good enough even if it takes much time.


sorry for my bad english.