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moeen k

Member Since 12 Jul 2011
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a cheap and easy way to make animations

Today, 11:47 AM

hi. im trying start a new project that needs human animation. i have not enough budget to use a motion capture. there are some programs that work with kinect or some special cameras like iclone but they have lots of  limitatons and dont give enough quality. are there any programs that let simulate animations easy and doesnt make you animate frame by frame. for begining ijust want it for animation system and not for cinematics. what is the best choice for me? thank you for helping

using best tools

10 April 2014 - 11:15 AM

hi. im searching  for a proggram that is best for working on sound effects recording sound mixing sound removing noises  and many other things that is best for making on video games. i did little things on cool edit but now i know its in adobe audition. but what is the best choice to be prophesional in and invest on to learn and use and dont will be outdated and there is good future for it? and is it good to use programs that is used for recording and writing music like flstudio or sonar? thank you for helping

how to write documentation

02 April 2014 - 05:07 PM

hi. im trying to write my new game documentation but in last ones i wrote it there was a lot of problem and i think i didnt do it in a standard way. as you may say there are a lots of ways to do that but i think there is some rules and standards to do that for example how to write the story that some parts are game play and some parts cutscences and writing gameplay design and relate it to other parts like story. can anyone help me to learn it better and give mea good compelete  source? thank you for helping and excuse me for my weak english

new in multiplayer

11 March 2014 - 11:55 AM

hi. im trying to start learning about multiplayer games sytem. about how they work and how they should be proggramed. I like to start learning it from all the basics and I like to know how to make in a engine like udk too. can anyone tell any straight and good book or website refrence for them? thank you for helping.

best game algorithm

06 February 2014 - 07:37 PM

hi. IVE BEEN WORKING  on game projects for a while but i had problems on working on many part of games that isolved them anyway but i think there are basic simple solutions for them. some basic standard algorithms for them that is same in all aengines and languages and api,s. for example in a game there are some moments that a charcter moves to a new position. you want to say if a player moved to that postion hes,the winner. as you know a game runs at least 30 times in asecond and the code runs 30 seconds in a second to. if you say if(position==...) or if(pisition>...) that part of code runs as many times as your charcter is in that situation and you just want that part of code runs at just one frame. or many other algorithm like spawning enemies in diffrent places or diffrent ai for diffrent kind of enemy creature or...........

i think there should be a resource for these kind of algorithmes.

thank you for helping