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moeen k

Member Since 12 Jul 2011
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what about using orm(specially entity framework)

Yesterday, 04:20 PM

hello my friend.

maybe my question is not right about this part of forum but i think its better to be asked here.


i have a windows server and is written with c#. i work with sql server for working with data. there is a question for me. is most of us know working with orm like entity framework is very sugested against of using string query and sql command and dataset.


i dont have very bright information but its said that EF uses a localDB to save recent data and in certain amount of time, it will add the data to main sql server database. maybe it makes connections with database much less and maybe less exceptions. but doesnt it use more buffer for localDB? or as my database also is on same server is this really important to be worried about server and database?

its said that using and orm compeletly defeats the sql injection and there will be no sql injection threat . is this true?



i have worked alot with sqlcommand and i just started working with EF. i think i can make much cleaner code using sqlcommand rather than EF.


which of them is faster and uses less memory and process? 


maybe there are more diffrences that i dont know.


i ant to know what you think about it and what is your opinion about this?


thank you for helping.




who really a creative director is?

20 February 2015 - 05:04 AM


maybe you say its an unimportant question but im curious about it. i searched in internet for it but i found its a general responsibility that is in many different field of art even music.


i think its better to call it creation director. someone who have the whole idea in all process and part of creation of product. for example in a game we have art director, gameplay director, director or cinematic director, and...


all of these people work with ideas of creative director and he directs all these parts to a solid main idea.


i want to know who really he is, because i think its the most important post in game process and always we see creative directors interview about their games.




best and fastest way to understand a code written by some one else

12 February 2015 - 03:22 PM

hello my friends.

im a new programmer of a team that makes car simulation software and i am a replacement for a ai programmer that now is in military services and there is no connection to him :D. the code is based on ogre but the structure of code is the way that the parts has not much connection to each other and ai module is seperate from physics module. ai code is about 40,000 line of code and whole is about 250,000.


the code that im working on is very bad documented and my only way is to understand the code by myself. the team expects me to have a good understanding of code in less 3 or 4 days but now its a big conflict to do it.


in your opinion how can i do this? how can make through the codes to undestand what it really does?


thank you so much.


need help for soomla unity

06 February 2015 - 10:05 AM



im working on a mmo project that uses ingame purchase. im using soomla but as its not a big project there is not enough documentation and learning for the soomla. i know how to define purchaseable objects but i dont know how to make an event to sell them  and how to make those events change database. i dont want a code or sample code. i just need  a whole explanation about how its working.


thank you so much