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In Topic: Working on a boardgame - looking for some ideas

08 September 2016 - 01:28 PM

i was thinking of building a board game myself the other day.. anywho, i can share with ya all the ideas i had and you can take whichever idea you like :P

first off, are you sure it's fun for people to fight each other? or would it be funner to fight as one against a common enemy? example board games i've read about: zombicide and pandemic.

i like the random board idea.

i like the heroes idea. i was gonna aim for 7 hero types in my game: someone with more stamina, a crafter type hero, warrior, smart hero, healer, stat buffer, someone with first move advantage.

definitely need event cards because "life happens". example: earthquake. randomly change all tiles in a line across the board.

i like navezof's destiny missions. in my game, i was going to try to model them after 27 life lessons. like maybe one mission would be to try to comeplete the game without killing anything or another would be skip every 3rd turn to learn the lesson of patience. each player could have a max of 3 destiny cards.

when a player levels up in my game, i somehow want to deal them 2 or 3 cards and they could only select 1 like in hearthstone arena.

good luck with the game ;)

In Topic: anyone wanna make a match-3 game?

08 September 2016 - 11:46 AM

hiya. nice job on that lil web game!

i wouldn't be able to tell ya which language is better :P

as a personal pref, if a match-3 game is timed, the gems better move fast, matches made should disappear very quickly and the gems should quickly fall into place. i was playing you game on an android tablet with chrome browser and it felt slow. i would definitely be willing to play match-3 untimed via web browser if high scores were saved and if there was a collect/level up element to it kinda like in disney emoji blitz and puzzle x heroes. ;)

In Topic: Professional Programmer Seeking Fun Side Project

30 August 2016 - 06:05 AM

just curious, what is "fun" to a programmer like yourself? is it the challenge of doing something new and it keeps you up all night trying to figure out how to code it better? or is there a game category that you like to program? and what do you want to avoid as a programmer? i want to know what makes a programmer tick :P

In Topic: How to Allow Power Gaming

16 August 2016 - 08:45 PM

I've never played a larp game so my idea will prolly sound stupid..

Once every 2-4 months, allow a chosen one to be God-like for a short amount of time. The One will not know he/she is the One at the time of creation. Using the powers of God will shorten his/her life. And you might as well have someone be a prophet named Morpheus to find and guide him/her.

So sorry if I wasted your time

In Topic: Idea for a Whack-A-Mole RPG. Need your thoughts on it.

21 February 2016 - 03:39 PM

This is an old topic, so hope you don't mind my revisiting it...
The stamina stat may not be necessary and could just be annoying. The player's own stamina will come into play anyway, as multi-hit moles will require them to tap the screen a _lot_!
You could cut down on the tapping, introduce more variety and make the game more like an RPG by introducing puzzle elements. For example, moles that you have to tap in sequence or your blows do nothing. Or swipe the screen to remove the spiked hats from enemies before bopping them. Pin smart bombs could pop the bubblegum mole's bubbles so you can dispatch them safely. You could also feature a wider variety of weapons such as charged hammers that build up force for their next hit while you are not tapping the screen (good for small numbers of powerful moles) or wide mallets that do little damage but hit multiple holes at the same time (great for whacking lots of weak enemies).
Your background story sounds super creepy! Could be an interesting black humour direction, a bit like Binding Of Isaac. I don't know if you might be overly limiting your audience with that.

wow! very neat ideas, thanks!