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Idea for a Whack-A-Mole RPG. Need your thoughts on it.

03 February 2016 - 04:51 PM

Title: Legend of the Golden Hammer ~ A Whack-A-Mole RPG

Goal: Level up, spend skill points on stats (hp, hp regen, stamina, stam regen, str), buy stronger hammers (plush, plastic toy, wood, cement block, etc.) with the tickets you earn (like Chuck E. Cheese's), unlock more themed whack-a-mole arcade game (sports, anime, super hero, water, greek gods, etc.), reach max level 72 and fufill the prophecy.

Story intro: You're a new kid walking home from school and you notice the overweight owner of the old arcade shop giving you the most peculiar look. He motions you to come in so he can have a closer look at you. He apologizes for acting so weird and says you have some of the features of the person in the prophecy. He claims that this is the year a young lad with incredible strength will come forth to weild the legendary golden hammer.

Just to make sure you aren't what he was looking for, he gives you a free game on the beginners whack-a-mole arcade and hands you the beginners plushie hammer.

Game play (for tablets): Games are only one minute long. Reaction time of swing depends on your STR. Each swing takes from your STAmina. Some of the holes move around. There are different types of plastic moles so you have to pay attention to what you hit.

Let's use the sports themed arcade for example. Imagine a small baseball diamond on part of the arcade surface. Put a mole hole on each base, one in center for pitcher and a hole that goes back and forth from home to first.

Types of moles that will randomly pop up:
1. Regular, just takes 1 hit to knock down, fan mole with flag in right hand
2. Medium regular, 3 hits, ?
3. Hard regular, 5 hits, football uniform dressed mole with helmet
4. Regular damage, 1 hit, basket ball mole pops up and starts to throw mini basketball at you. whack him fast to avoid taking damage.
5. Med damage, 3 hits, baseball mole pops up and throws mini ball in air and starts to swing bat
6. High damage, 5 hits, hockey mole
7. Block view, 1 hit, kinda like a mole that will throw a pie at the screen or set off a smoke bomb to block your view, swipe back and forth on the entire screen a few times to clear the screen
8. Sticky, DON'T HIT, like a mole that's blowing a bubble gum bubble, if you hit it, your hammer gets stuck and you swipe back and forth on the hammer area to get it lose again
9. Instant high damage, DON'T HIT, like a mole strapped in TNT
10. Mystery box, 1 hit, contains all the mini plastic moles you can collect, may show up once per game
11. Key holder, DON'T HIT, when your level is high enough, it might pop up to throw you the key to the next themed arcade
12. do I need more?

Maybe 10ish successful kills in a row will put you in blazing mode.

If you survive the minute without your HP reaching zero, you get EXP and Tickets based on your score. You get 3 skill points to spend each time you level up.

Your opinions/thoughts on this game idea? Would you pay 9.99 to buy the full version? Free version would cap level to 6, 8 free games per day, watch ads to play more games.

Add vending machine in the arcade so you can buy boosts?

Story spoiler: The arcade owner made up the prophecy just to get kids' hopes up so they can keep playing and buying all the cheaply made mallets. He knows the kids that excel quickly will eventually find out. Once you reach a high enough level, he'll ask you to test out the new machine in the back room which is rigged to bomb you like crazy. You wake up with your hands, feet, mouth bound up and he tells you he's gonna ship you over seas as a slave to make plastic moles for his machines. You'll have to wait til the game comes out to find out how he excapes and becomes legend. :P

Is a browser, real-time, pvp game like mortal kombat possible?

15 July 2011 - 10:07 AM

Is a browser based, real-time, pvp game like mortal kombat possible? I would like to make a game that has similar mechanics. Can a game like that be done with Actionscript? If web browsers can't do real-time pvp really well yet, then I think I'll have to program the game in c++ or something. Any help appreciated, thanks! :)