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#5074852 Advices for a student completely new to game dev

Posted by on 02 July 2013 - 03:15 PM

I've been studying programming since I was 12, learning C++, python, C# , java , haskell and lua - now 18, I still have absolutely no idea how to program. 


www.cprogramming.com is a great resource to start off. It teaches you the syntax of C++ which is the easiest part.

however it's STL , IPC , Multi-threading, OpenGL etc, is when it starts getting hard. 


I don't think you'll ever stop learning in the software development scene.

But that why I love it so much.


GamePlay 3D 


It's a new game engine "framework" written in c++ - with support for Android, Windows, Linux , iOS and Black Berry OS. 

It's free and open source - the code is beautiful - use it - extend it - it's awesome.


here's the website : 



EDIT : Oh, and don't be a numpty - use Ubuntu. Windows is far to annoying for me personally. Then again, the reason I studied programming is primarily Linux, not game design - so I am a bit bias. (The OUYA has got my interest as of late :D

#5046930 Torque3D now....FREE? Woah... 0_o

Posted by on 26 March 2013 - 10:37 AM



Just headed onto the garage game's website to check out how the guys are doing with torque, to find this banner ^. Aparrently now, Torque 3D is FREE, and you can take a look at the source code on github - even better - you can compile it on and for linux biggrin.png.

The MIT license I believe allows you to sell the games running the engine to others WITHOUT distributing your's or the engine's source code.... pretty cool eh? 

(BTW Is this new? has the news been passed around already? I have No idea?) 


Yeah, it may not be Cryengine 3 or UDK - but it allows us to atleast see how things are done and mod the back side out of it, till we can call it are own happy.png


(image copied from the garage games website, and thus remains garage game's property)


#4924984 Unity3D Networking Requirements?

Posted by on 24 March 2012 - 04:19 PM

For Free? is that possible? :D
Yeah, I understand. But Unity Uses .Net Sockets, so Technically I could use Linux? just use the mono library.

Alot of people say users hosting games is a bad idea as it induces lag.... Whats Xbox Live then? I thought that was people hosting there own game? Xbox live just makes sure people are behaving properly and baically is a community behind Every Xbox Multiplayer game.

#4924714 Unity3D Networking Requirements?

Posted by on 23 March 2012 - 12:11 PM

Sorry about asking this in a more expertise forum.
I'm posting here becuase I think the guys at Unity Are p***ed off at me - about my n00bness (Funny if some of the guys are here as well Posted Image)

Basically, I'm just plain confused with getting networking working correctly on unity.
I mean, there is a Networking Project - showing you network with Unity's Builtin API's, which is all good and fun ,
But then I get told, "You shouldn't use those API's , you need a server Back End to use them. You have to pay £3000 a year for a server back end, which excludes the £2000 a year for hiring a dedicated server."


Why do I need a server Back-End?

All I want is for players to host there own games, and let people join those games, and have fun. I understand I need some type of server setup to host a list of all hosting players, but surely that Wou;d cost less then £3000 to get a System that hosts and gather a list - I could make something lke that in 20 minutes.

Still really confused?

BTW my game is another one of those Space Combat games - In the style of Halo REACH Sabre Level (it kicks ass Posted Image)
Thanks for your help.

Ow, and....If I get a Atom ITX pc (something like £80) Couldn't I use that as a Server? I mean, my connection sucks ass, and I'm not going to be paying £3000 a year for a fast upload connection- but Niether am I building an AAA game. Just a little Project, so me and some friends can play along together on my own custom built game Posted Image (Others are welcome Posted Image)