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Torque3D now....FREE? Woah... 0_o

26 March 2013 - 10:37 AM



Just headed onto the garage game's website to check out how the guys are doing with torque, to find this banner ^. Aparrently now, Torque 3D is FREE, and you can take a look at the source code on github - even better - you can compile it on and for linux biggrin.png.

The MIT license I believe allows you to sell the games running the engine to others WITHOUT distributing your's or the engine's source code.... pretty cool eh? 

(BTW Is this new? has the news been passed around already? I have No idea?) 


Yeah, it may not be Cryengine 3 or UDK - but it allows us to atleast see how things are done and mod the back side out of it, till we can call it are own happy.png


(image copied from the garage games website, and thus remains garage game's property)


Game Animations 101?

25 August 2012 - 02:54 PM

Hey their, Nathan here.
I apologize if this is a common question , I have yet to see someone asking for help with game animations.

I am using Unity3D to build a 3rd Person open world survival adventure game.

I am struggling to see how animations are "Sewn" together, and I actually rather really respect animators is a funny sort away.
I'm just looking for some answers really.

I have a rather primitive walk animation cycle, and a idling cycle for my character , but I would like more details with more miscellaneous animations.
I'm currently looking at having a wolf attack the character as an enemy , and I want the character to wrestle with the wolf... how would this be done? how would I animate this inside 3dsMax or unity? how would the animations blend? would I animate the character and the wolf separately?

I have been also thinking about having huge trolls that would knock over trees in the game, also for the ability for the character to climb trees...
Am I getting over my head with this? - the only thing I can think of is using an ik engine for the climbing trees part. I don't know how devs do it in Uncharted , Tombraider or Assassins Creed (that is procedural animations.)
I just have a vision of a really awesome game - the best game - and I want to play it disparately , despite it doesn't exist yet :D
Please tell me other people get this feeling too?(want to play awesome games you made up that don't exist yet.)

Thanks for your time.


How does Xbox Live work?

23 July 2012 - 05:56 PM

Hey, - not too sure whether to post here or the multi-player/networking section - that of which seems to be mostly down to implementation, so I posted here instead.

My Name's Nathan.

I am just searching to find out, what Xbox Live really is?
I have been to various of sources and they just state what Xbox Live is, but not, what it is. (if you get me?)

I mean - do Xbox Live game run on Xbox Live servers? - when playing call of duty , I have had trouble with time out issues - yet this doesn't effect whether I'm logged into Xbox Live or not?

What I'm trying to find out is... are matches hosted on Xbox Live servers?
Or are matches just Peer 2 Peer? - various games have "Hosts" - which suggest peer to peer?(not forgetting I'm no networking graduate(really, I have no clue about networking(just read a book once))).
I wouldn't imagine game studios paying 100's of millions of pounds out of servers - however, I could be wrong.

so, yeah... Thanks for your time.


Name for Open Source Game Platform?

15 July 2012 - 04:33 PM

Hey their.
Currently working on a project trying to introduce a Linux based Operating system for game consoles and media centers (something simular to XMBC)
Anyway, I just wanted to name the project something.
I'm currently working on creating a basic linux system, then building a custom window manager based around HQ's and then build a user frame work and writing some api for games and stuff. All good.

Anyway, just need a name?

here are some I've come up with :
Las Vagas

Most Epic FPS Game Ideas?

15 July 2012 - 12:04 PM

Hey their. The Name's Nathan.
I'm not sure if this is against forum rules or anything, but I was just trying to think about what the most Epic game ever would actually be?
I'm actually finding it hard to write this post.

I had a day dream the other day about the biggest dam epic game I think I have ever thought about.
The idea was based around futuristic city lanscape of sorts,
Along with incororating diverse climates ie having almost destroyed futuristic structures out in the wasteland - then picking up a level which is based within developments in forests and in the sea. Cliche? hmm...

Anyway, I was just looking for ideas into what a truely Epic game can be?
I mean, I'm no multi-million pound business man - just a 17 year old hobbiest looking for what could be done which takes an FPS from a quake clone to thwe most Epic game ever made.

Here's some really awesome Futuristic Concept art :

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

You can see more at : http://conceptships.blogspot.co.uk/