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In Topic: I'm not good enough, now what?

07 September 2013 - 09:37 AM

   Could you do anything profitable with the engine as-is and plow some of the profits back into finishing it?
   The engine is unweildy at best. It is a professional engine. While it could earn the creators over half million (assuming 10 cents per registered user per year).
   It's a professional engine, it needs a pipeline.  I figured out how to cut the content costs, but I can't program that either.  It's in C++ and I've only had 6 months of that doing command line applications in an intro course over a year ago.
   Your best bet of that ever happening is to make smaller games to build experience, assemble a team of like minded people once you have the experience to lead them properly, and work to get the engine complete.
  Many people I know have taken the approach you describe and failed utterly.  Some of them still struggle to this day.  Look up Radu Privantu.  Additionally, like minded people with the skill won't do it for free, so it's the same, I'll still have to earn the money.
   Also, the economy is going to get worse (it will not rebound) if I'm going to do it, I had better hurry.
   With the type of graphics Everquest Next is going to be putting out, this is the only engine I've seen (short of crysis/unreal) that can compete. (Though, Unity is on roughly the same path, I saw a couple of posts that reminded me of the developers posts in 2008, 1.5-2 years, at most, until Unity3d surpasses [the completed version of] this tech.)  That said, this engine is an RPG... Unity3d isn't the easiest to make an RPG/MMO in.
   The previous version was used to make 14 games by many companies.  The completed version of this engine will have similar utility.
There is nothing I can do until I can get the engine to at least render a character and look pretty... theirs does, and the rendering thread should be there, but theirs has a year more work into it I don't have.
My options so far: Make smaller games.  I'm thinking platformer to start.
Finishing school isn't an option, financially.  Flipping burgers is.
I could make some company a million dollars, but I can't do anything for my self.  Deja-vu.  I didn't solve this problem last time either. 
Okay, to expand, I also know of a game (very addictive) owned by a professional programmer that's currently bit-rotting on a website.  I could probably finish/fix that but contacting him has been difficult.  A lawyer would need to do that.
My current steps to success are:
1: small game
2: buy bit-rotting game, upgrade.
3: profit.
4: pay to have engine finished.
5: profit more
That said... it's been over a year and no small game (or college).  Other ideas would be appreciated.

In Topic: What drives you to make games?

07 September 2013 - 06:56 AM

Me personally it's money, sad, but true. I am a single guy, making uh simple 2D games as of now, and will make more and more till I am confident enough to dabble into 3D.


I am not a creative person, 

I have literally no ideas about what games to make


At current I have two games running in my head simultaneously.  I just tried to see how many I could pull up, only 5, but only the front two were running, and they were kind-of erratic.  The character on the left was just standing there and jumping, while the character on the right was leaping across caverns.


The games were: Two 2d platformers(TT, St[I'll probably forget this one)), two 3d platformers(VVF, a 3d version of ST) and one that I'd hardly classify it as a game, it was a cutscene.  


I played tons of games, grew up without TV, used to read a good bit, and have tons of game related ideas. I've lived in my imagination since I was a child.  My favorite authors were C.S. Lewis, Arthur Conan Doyle, Isaac Asimov, and various other strange creators of various lore.


One game runs fine... platformer. 

Two 3d games are... strange... I have to mirror one upside down and then I can't really maintain the upside down one, only the rightside up one works properly.


That said, I'm... making simple 2d games too.  I design ones more complex than I can actually code yet.  The metanet tutorials are good, the techniques explained in them power the collision detection of crafty.js.


I am a creative person, I hear in the long run it will actually hurt your programming ability/productivity.  You may not be the best at designing innovative games, but most games aren't innovative. If you polish simplicity enough it can shine.  If you want to code something, try the metanet tutorial and look for the art from the 'lostgarden' called 'cutepeas'.  Please release the result as MIT if you manage it before I do.  There's already a GPL version, I don't recommend looking at it as Similarity + Availability = Copyright infringment, so learning from MIT licensed code is better.

In Topic: Is it worth to make games for phones in java

02 September 2013 - 10:02 PM

I'm interested as well.

I never really liked Java so much, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just go directly to ECMAScript.

Elaborations welcome.


JAVA and Javascript are not at all similar, not even the same type of language.  ECMAscript is difficult to master for large projects and can quickly become unwieldy, a company named Wooga recently abandoned Monster Island because of bugs, it was a Javascript game.  Emscripten and Google Web Toolkit let you compile other languages to Javascript, and that gives you more stability and less errors (disregarding some awesome javascripters I've known.

In Topic: Can Water Filter Air?

02 September 2013 - 09:14 PM

Yes, for a live demonstration go see your local Rainbow Vacuum salesman!

In Topic: Any new fps games which have learning AI (like quake)?

02 September 2013 - 08:33 PM

It doesn't learn.  The player drops cookies and the AI eats them, following the player.  Eventually, after you've dropped enough cookies, the AI can then follow the cookies and do everything you do.




Learning AI!  Yay!




Oh noes, pwned by the cookie monster!


Edit: Ninja'd by the apple man.  The bots drop them too, nice to know.