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#4894703 Need a new name...

Posted by on 16 December 2011 - 11:15 PM

Snizat™ U.S.
Snizat U.S.™
We get tons of publicity, and everyone knows how awesome we are.

"That's nothing to snizat™!"
"Everyone knows, your standards are nothing to snizat™!"

Will sell trademark rights for 1 million dollars, Thank You.

Or you could join my game studio. Hugo Baya Games™

It's currently me and a cricket. *squish* Whoops, just me... looks like we need a new volunteer VP of HR, I'm sure you'll do better than our last one... you are larger than a sandal, right?
Our last VP was really good, drawing in BIG FISH. A cod, a couple of mackerels, even a tuna.

With respect *Hugo Baya™ Snizat™ and Hugo Baya Snizat™(hint, hint) all associated trademarks are respected properties of their respective respectable respirating owners, please respect them.
(Yes, I was bored and reading the R's in the dictionary. You raggedy Ragamuffin)
*Hugo Baya™ Games is a subdivision of Playa Games™

Using your name, Franzen games, the closest is 'Frozen Games™" which is really too short... how about 4Zen Games™?

Seriously though, try the name generator, it gave me some really good ones.

Well, unless it's 1Man or Juan Maan Incorporated or something like that.

Small tip, 4Zen is actually too close to frozen games, it would get mispronounced most of the time, every game name in this entire document is terrible. Except for these.
Zen Men Games. Postal Games, Full Tilt West Games, Undone Games

Though, there is an advantage to having a game studio name that CANNOT be rhymed. Orange Soft And a disadvantage.
How about Myna Games™? As in the Myna bird? Lonely Fork. Organic Studios. Cracked Games, Bent Games,
Franzen... hmm... Frantic Software? Frantic Zen Games (Two opposites). Fractured Zen Games?
Imma stop at Frantic Zen. And not put an evil, evil little TM next to it. Any good? Opinions?