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In Topic: ? I want to make a Video Game. How do I do "this" and "that" ?

07 July 2013 - 05:16 PM

Hi Devin, and welcome to the forums!



First off, I just want to say that making a game is a lot of hard work, and very time consuming. If you are unsure that it is something you are willing to put in the time for, then it is possible that game development just isn't for you. If, however, you are dead set in following this goal, then stick with it! It takes a while, but evenutally you'll start to feel the groove of working with code and things will be a lot easier.



What programming language do I need to learn (Preferably a High-Level Programming Language, since I'm new. C++ is too low-level for a beginner.) to make video games with decent graphics/mechanics/physics that can be implemented in FPS, RPG, and Simulation game(s).


My suggestion would be instead of trying to learn the language, just learn a language. Hell, learn 2 or 3.You'll find you like some better than others, and you'll start to develop your own style for writing code. The important thing is that you learn programming. I started out with python as a first language and I usually recommend that to people as a first one too, but there are many choices and you are going to get different answers from different people. Game development can get very complicated, so it's important to learn the fundimentals of your tools and enviroments before you jump into actual game making.



What engine should I use with THAT programming language you recommend? (I can always use Google, but if you know, that is probably the one to go with biggrin.png)


There are many engines out there for every sort of language. You might even find that you don't need a full blown engine. Just focus on learning basics before you even think about an engine to use. Once you get that down and you have a better idea on how to put a game together, then you can start thinking about picking an engine if you still want to take that route.



How can I get rid of my... hmm I'll call it an obstacle.

I'm not sure what advice I can really give for this one. If making a game is something you really want to do, then you just need to have faith that you'll get it done. Try not to get discouraged when something doesn't work quite right, or if things are taking longer than you planned. A lot of games have lots of developers and they still can take many years to get done. What really matters is that you are having fun making your game!




One a side note, starting with a text based game is something you can jump into very quickly after diving into pretty much any language, and it can be a nice start to looking at how to put a game together.


Hope this helps, and feel free to ask for more information if you want me to expand on anything I said.

In Topic: SFML crash on startup w/ MinGW

15 May 2013 - 12:00 AM

If you are still having issues after going through everything JTippetts mentioned, it might be a good idea to post your problem directly to the SFML forums. They are generally pretty helpful with getting people up and running.

In Topic: Setting up SFML in Code::Blocks

31 October 2012 - 12:18 AM

Just thought I should add that it is probably a good idea to build everything from source as things have changed since the RC was released.

Also, I read something about the SFML libraries not being compatible with the MinGW compiler that comes with CB 10.05 for SFML 1.6. I'm not sure if this is still something going on with the 2.0 RC.

Interestingly enough I had trouble getting 2.0 working as well when I tried. I'll see if following the steps above work!

In Topic: How to draw in modern OpenGL

21 October 2012 - 01:48 PM

This has a lot of basic information about 3D programming, but it should also give you some answers on OpenGL 3+ specifics.


In Topic: [SFML] How to set bounding boxes (Correctly)?

17 September 2012 - 08:30 PM

This maybe?

rBluePaddle.Right = rBluePaddle.Top + sBluePaddle.GetSize().x;

rRedPaddle.Right = rRedPaddle.Top + sRedPaddle.GetSize().x;