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Managing 3D Game Worlds

31 July 2011 - 04:05 PM

Hi, I have been searching on Google and looking over these forums for a while and haven't found what I am looking for, I think I am wording it wrong for any search engine so maybe someone can help me grasp these concepts.

I am a c++ programmer and have worked with OpenGL and I understand how to do things like, render primitives, load models, get input from devices, etc. what I am struggling with, is putting it all together. Nor can I find information about this or maybe what I am looking for is not the way it is done.

How do I manage a 3d scene, ie. Load Game World Objects into a scene and manage them, the way I visualize it and which may be my shortcoming, is like a hierarchy of
objects, all with parents and children. but maybe this is way to complicated for a simple game. Should I use a basic container like vector and iterate through it every frame?

I have tried project after project, attempting to use this hierarchy idea, and have alway's come to a dead end. I have read several books, and they go as far as telling me how to draw objects, and control them, but what If my Game World is per say, a large Solar System with Planets, Asteroids, Ships, and a Star, how do I manage them all?