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Creating cartoon 2D graphics for a beginner?

08 June 2015 - 05:10 PM

Is there any good source to learn how to create 2D cartoon-like graphics for games for beginners in visual arts as a whole? I know that "cartoon-like" is a broad term but I just wanted to highlight that I'm not looking for any realistic drawing lessons or anything like that. Is it even a sensible question or should learning reaistic drawing be step one regardless of the eventual style I'd like to achieve?

Main loop design for turn based games?

22 May 2014 - 10:15 AM

EDIT: Geez, it was just a minor bug... Sorry for the hassle, please remove :)

Some OpenGL crash course?

12 May 2014 - 05:36 AM

So for one of the gamedev courses I'm attending at my uni, we are to develop a simple-yet-working 3D game over the course of two weeks using OpenGL 2.x and a language of our choice. Having very little experience with OpenGL (I know how to open a window, draw some simple shapes and that's about it) I'm quite baffled by the task and lost as to where to even start. I thought about developing something simple like a mini golf simulator (thankfully we don't have to worry about physics here and are allowed to treat them as we like) but as I said - I'm still clueless where to put my hands into.


Most of the tutorials I found are either for OpenGL 4.x or are very slow paced (I mean "Lesson 25: let's rotate a shape" kind of slow) and thus, even if they are good and go in-depth, I can't really treat them as my main source of knowledge cause I simply won't be able to finish them AND the game over such short time. The best thing for my purpose I saw, I think, were NeHe's gamedev tutorials. Is there something you could recommend or some advice you could give me to develop a working simulator in such short time?

A good plan for learning OpenGL

06 March 2014 - 03:36 PM

This year at my Uni, we're starting a course of OpenGL. The professor gave us full freedom as to what library we use along with it and what version of OpenGL we use for our projects but the lectures will be centered around FreeGLUT and OpenGL 2.1. Could anybody more accustomed to OpenGL suggest me whether I should stick to such couple or choose something different?


I have absolutely no experience with OpenGL, if that matters. Also, as for the language I don't have any specific preferences. If I were to point one or two I like the most, I'd probably say C++ and Python. Of course I tried googling it and asking around but couldn't find anything - I just heard that FreeGLUT is quite basic and there are more convenient and more rewarding library to learn like SFML, GML and SDL. Also, apparently 2.1 is quite old version of OpenGL and the newer ones - based solely on shaders or so I've heard - are the standard which should be used...


Being quite confused on the matter, I kindly ask for your opinions. Which version should I learn if that's my start with OpenGL? What library to go with it?

Preparing the portfolio - any way you want?

04 September 2012 - 10:00 AM

I've read various sources and from what I see, most of the pros tend to say "at first, don't try to be perfect but rather to develop something from start to end" as most people won't be interested in your sheer ideas but rather what you actually accomplished. That said, I decided to do something about it. However, I have a little bit of a problem here: I'd like to develop mobile games. Make my living of it, preferably. However, for a college freshman which I am, there's a big wall here. While I suppose I'd manage to pay the $150 for student's license for Corona SDK or similar and the $25 entry fee to Google Play (I don't have a Mac and Gamesalad which allows you to develop for iOS under Windows is way beyond what I could afford), in my country you also have to pay $130 a month to legally distribute via Play/AppStore and if you don't, you have to take out your app (or make it free). For now, then, I can't make myself pay such money and risk either getting it back in a month or getting broke (/takign loans to pay another $130). So I decided to make a portfolio showing what I've done to have something to show to potential investors/employers. But here goes the question:

What should I develop? I mean - I want to go mobile, sure. But should I develop one of my ideas in, say, Corona right from the beginning and then show it on my portfolio? I won't be able to show the product as is since I don't have the license so would anybody be interested in me developing a game which he can't play? Or should I develop for PC - in Flash, maybe? Do something in Flixel and try to monetize it on FGL or at least brand it with some site to gather up some money? What platform should I start from to establish some kind of recognition for myself as well as money, which would allow me to swiftly go mobile then?