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Net Gnome

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Vaerydian > Coroutines: Simple HTTP Server

Posted 25 February 2014

Ok, what are we up to this time?
This time we're going to go about making a very simple HTTP server that will serve static content and handle roughly 20,000 requests per second (I know in earlier posts I stated ~30k, but I refined aspects of the server to be more standard friendly, and lost performance as a result). To do so we'll need to expand the Asyn...

Vaerydian > Coroutines: Building a framework in C#

Posted 12 February 2014

Where to start?
So we want to build a Coroutine, where do we start? Firstly, and simply, choose a language which supports some sort of re-entrant behavior natively. C/C++ unfortunately don't really support native re-entrant behavior at least not in any clean way. Though its possible somewhat with goto's or an odd duff's device, the code can get ugly and...

Vaerydian > Coroutines: Wierd Little Wonders

Posted 27 January 2014

What is a Coroutine?
In order to understand them, you need to understand a bit of history. The term coroutine was coined back in the 60s by Melvin Conway whom is famous for Conway's Law, but we're not talking about that. Something you should have great familiarity with are routines and subroutines. Coroutines are special class of subroutine, specifical...

Vaerydian > Open Sourcing Vaerydian

Posted 31 July 2013

Well, now I've gone and done it... I made Alpha 2 of Vaerydian Open Source under LGPL v3 so its open and free to poke around in. I'm still going to keep developing on it as I see it as an interesting experimentation platform for game ideas here and there. But if you were curious about how to do some of the following, give it a look here: Vaerydian GitHub...

Vaerydian > Reinventing the Agent Component Bus

Posted 22 June 2013

Recently I've been teaching myself a lot about Node.js out of curiosity and out of interest in learning more about new areas of web development. I've come to really like how it works, its simplicity, and the huge open source community that has popped up around it. Its event-based async design is quite an effective approach to concurrent programming, so i...