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Journal Entries

Arhim's Journal > Showcase of character dialogue displaying

Posted 03 August 2013

Hello GameDev,

just a little something I made for displaying conversations in the game (and a perfect opportunity to try out screen recording). The following "conversation" was generated from this txt file:

n = 3
char1 = Neil
char2 = Andy
char3 = Olaf
texture1 = data/img/portraits/Neil.png
texture2 = data/img/portraits/Andy.png
texture3 =...

Arhim's Journal > The map editor

Posted 31 July 2013

Hello GameDev,

today I was gonna write about the gameplay we were planning to have, but being on vacation with some/no internet connection I was unable to contact my friends about that matter. Instead I will showcase (kind of) the map editor with screenshots (yay for internet cafe). So here we go:


Arhim's Journal > General project update #1

Posted 25 July 2013

Hello GameDev,

today I will just write out the progress made on our project.

1) We have been further improving our GUI so now we have sliders, a working text box, radio buttons (missing textures) and we started to work on scrollable lists. The way we have button callbacks implemented is not pretty so I will try to look into a better way of doing them....

Arhim's Journal > The MapManager

Posted 19 July 2013

Hello GameDev

Arhim here with the third entry for this journal. Today I will be writing about the work done on MapManager.

The MapManager is a class that is responsible for loading, saving and drawing the Maps. As an addition we will make a MapTile class that will store tile data (like type, sprites, defence strength...).

Let's start off with the MapTi...

Arhim's Journal > The core of State management, the GUI and the Entity system

Posted 16 July 2013

Hello GameDev,

Arhim here with the second entry for this journal. Continuing from the last time I will write about other cores needed for the game.

The StateManager is a class that will be responsible for, as the name suggests, managing different states. We will first define a class IState which we will be extending and will provide us with a common int...