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In Topic: XNA FINAL ENGINE (XNA 4.0, deferred lighting, HDR, global illumination)

01 February 2013 - 11:17 AM

Version 1.0 is finally here!! http://xnafinalengine.codeplex.com/

It had taken a lot of effort and dedication but I think I am delivering a good and optimized foundation for your games. There still some system to complete like the animation system, or to debug like the music system. However, this version is very robust and reliable, has a big feature set and runs very good on PC and Xbox 360. I hope you enjoy as much as I do making it!

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In Topic: XNA FINAL ENGINE (XNA 4.0, deferred lighting, HDR, global illumination)

15 January 2013 - 07:15 AM

Version 0.95 is almost ready. http://xnafinalengine.codeplex.com/

Some of the new features/improvements include:

• Improved Xbox 360 support.
• More features in the editor (not everything could be implemented).
• Far better batching.
• Multithreaded frustum culling (thanks to the data oriented design). I also made optimizations like the inclusion of a better Intersects method.
• Normals are now compressed using Crytek’s Best Fit Normal method.
• Light’s clip Volumes and stencil optimizations were added by the implementation of the reconstruction of the GPU Z-Buffer.
• Added cube shadow maps for point lights.
• Added virtual buttons and axis to map input more easily (similar to Unity 3D).
• Added rudimentary physics support via Bepu Physics.
• The old shader’s parameter code was replaced by a better implementation.
• Added anamorphic lens flare.
• Fewer castings, unnecessary actions, and bugs.


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In Topic: Fx Shader weird Culling Issue

10 July 2012 - 10:53 AM

Ok. I removed my mail from here. I don't want too much spam.

In Topic: Very basic AO concept in HLSL

12 June 2012 - 08:39 AM

ok well, I managed to get to get it to work, but its still kind of odd, and I don't fully understand how did I make it work... :huh:

I have some fx files, one does the normal rendering to 3 rendertargets2D, which I draw on the screen above with a spritebatch call of the rendertarget, and then another fx file, does the lighting taking as input the render targets from the first file, but the thing is that I had to render a quad to make it work???

You always have to render some geometry on the GPU. If you render text or textures on screen, the SpriteBatch internally renders a quad for you with a texture on top of it. And when you want, for example, post process an image, you want to apply some code (shader) to all your pixels, therefore you render a quad to cover the entire screen and in each pixel the pixel shader will perform the calculations that post process the image (the image you want to post process should be a different texture because you can read the destination texture on a shader). The quad is a medium to indicate to the pixel shader where to perform its calculations.
With deferred renderers, you have the scene preprocessed (G-Buffer). You have the depth of the pixels, the normal in each pixel and some other information. What you do in latter stages is to use this information and compose with other information. For example, in the stage you want, I guest, to calculate an ambient light or directional light, lights that affect potentially all your pixels, therefore you render a quad to cover all screen and in each pixel you read some scene information (from GBuffers) and compose with some other information (light information in this case) to produce the lighting result.
Light intensity is additive, if you want to apply another light, just render another quad (this time with another light information) and you add the new result to the previous result (you need to set the blending states to do this automatically).

Lunch!! When I’m back I continue.

In Topic: Very basic AO concept in HLSL

11 June 2012 - 01:23 AM

Tomorrow I will read your posts. Right now I don't have time.