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In Topic: GDITexture - 3D

11 August 2011 - 06:52 AM

The code itself looks fine, you'd have to give us more information about the inheritance part, probably both classes, and what exactly do you mean by "no luck", does it crash? does anything appear on the screeen?

Sure, by no luck I mean nothing shows up on the screen. My inheritance is like this:

ArcGlobeControl : MapControl
MapControl : OpenGLControl

In ArcGlobeControl I do the following

public override void glDraw()
GL.glRotated(35 , 1, 1.2 , 0.2);



What's really odd is that I have a separate class, called DataLayer that a Instantiate inside of the GlobeControl and in that I have the following
protected void SetupOpenGL()
   myGlobeDisplayEvents = myGlobeControl.GlobeViewer.GlobeDisplay;

   myGlobeDisplayEvents.AfterDraw += MyHandler();

private void MyHandler(ISceneViewer inSceneViewer)
 //GL Drawing code
  // GL Draw a huge box
  // WOW I HAVE A 3D box that shows up on the globe

However, inside that class I can never seem to create a GDITextureFont. It does create one in the ArcGlobeControl , but not in the DataLayer.

Any thoughts?