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uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev > Founding a Space Game

Posted 02 May 2014

Hi there,

i am crowdfunding one of my new games.
So if you wanne help me, pls go here:

Any other help is welcome as well.


uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev > KaIsland - WebGL open World multiplayer

Posted 29 April 2013

Hi there,i just finished the test implementaion of my WebGL Project.Its impressive what modern Browsers can do !!Take a look.:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hb72bPppjk cuuwi

uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev > Little nonsense Game looking for Alpha testers

Posted 21 April 2013

Hi all,i just like to find some testers for my little fun game: Peaces in KaIsland...Its just a nonses island bombing game ... but could be fun for a short time...You my just donwload it here:http://uwiworld.net/Peaces_in_KaIsland.zip A short maual is included as a pdf file.This is only multiplayer only. So you need to wait for someone else to come online...

uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev > just an other friday night ...

Posted 14 April 2013

hi there,i just spend some fridays game programming again.just updated my webpage: www.uwiworld.net Just latest 2d fun:http://www.youtube.com/embed/vI7wjXlIyYE cuuwi

uwi2k2 - Part Time Game Dev > Programming Support Hotline - call me crazy ...

Posted 20 March 2013

Hi all,i operated the 'php-hotline' for some years now, and got a lot of nice people to know ..so now i just thought : " why not expand it .. " .. so i did..so now there is the:http://www.programming-hotline.com/  covering every topic you like - and i can support..... and don´t ask my why, i guess something is wrong with me ... http://public.gamedev5.net/...