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Topics I've Started

How to protect your funds from crouwdfunding if receiver is from another country.

24 September 2015 - 11:48 AM

I have a possibility of KS campaign, and a good friend that i wish to trust.

But i would still like to protect myself, what are my options?

Where to find or what to do to teach basic to a child.

14 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

Hi guys, i'm stuck - i need to teach 13 years old how to programm, and i was thinking - ok

i just go the old way will teach him basic, and what i found is that most of basic stuff

is insanely outdated, or has some scent of commercialism in it 9all different implementations

that are as outdated).


Im really lost, last resort i downloaded vs2010 i thought ok this product must be up to date

and there are certainly some books teaching basic barebones on the basis of vs

but instead even some "starting programming from scratch using vs2010" teaches


Why on earth would someone teach windows forms in basic book about basic?!

Please guys help i need some REAL basic implementation of Basic without all

that litter, to teach kid the basics. And it should be up to date i don't want to

fight outdated compilers or some OS related problems.


If that even exist.



Huge territories.

31 December 2012 - 07:12 AM

I want to create huge territories. Preferably generated (POLYGONAL, NO CUBES), builded like Vue's , or Dreamscapes's, based on real world.

What i want to avoid is huge numbers problem. Like in minecraft if you go to what they call "Far lands", due to

pos_x 120123123.12312301239 , everything goes into astral and bug/glitches/probably lags.


I assume i can switch player local coords parent, rebinding it to terrain pieces (2km square for example), this will cut lags to some level.

But still, terrain will have world coords. So i imagine i must create different root's, for each 100km^2 for example.

And switch them under player.

Any thoughts on that?

I don't understand how to implement event system different from event receiver version

15 December 2012 - 03:58 AM

Hi, i'm new here, and to programming too.
I hope someone could give me dangling pointer.

I've seen implementations of event system of two types:
based on event receiver, and based on event/subscriber method.

Althrough i clearly see the benefits from the last, i can't create complete
understanding of it.

Wait,wait, i must begin from different angle.
I must say why i don't like the idea of centralized receiver, where every change must be recompiled.

So i begin (if you're already bored, that's right, i'm quite boring person(and messed up in the head), please sorry for that).
I'm fan of dwarf fortress for a long time. But our relations are very unstable though. Doesn't matter.
Dwarf fortress imprinted in my mind the concept of tokens. If you're not familiar with it, ill describe:
figure a text file containing roughly the next:

[left hand]
[right hand]
and so on..
[low intelligence]

now imagine you change this file

[3 legs(just shorter)]

The thing is, this (most of the times) will work in game. You really can add or reduce amount of different tokens,
and game will eat this and produce some great amounts of death fun.

Impressed with such flexible system i decided to use something very similiar, firstly because of independence.
And as every noob genius, i ran into the wall of misunderstanding of concepts.
As topic says - i don't understand how to implement event system different from event receiver version.

I don't understand, for example, can i minimize the use of mediums in messages?
Can i directly send a message to another object, without making it heavy class?
Can such system be implemented using absract class derivation?

I know, that this is too much questions, but it's really a matter of one string to point me.
I know there are many others who run in same kind of problem, and they can help just by saying
something smart beyond reason.