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Bidimensional Dreams > Kriophobia goes live on Kickstarter and Greenlight!

Posted 04 December 2014

Hello again,

It's been a long time of inactivity since I have gotten this job ( /o/ ) at Fira Soft. Lots of things happened, some really good and some awfully bad, I have little time left for most of my personal projects right now.

But I come today to post here, for those interested, that Kriophobia, a game developed by Fira Soft, is out now on Kickstar...

Bidimensional Dreams > Finally got hired!

Posted 21 August 2014

Hello Again!

These last few days I've been under the radar, my poor blog probably feels really lonely right now, but there's a good reason.

I have sent my CV for a local studio in hopes of getting a full time job as a programmer in game development.
For my own surprise, they have actually called me two days after I sent it. Just a week after I sent my C...

Bidimensional Dreams > Simple Animated Sprite with Löve2D (long one)

Posted 14 July 2014

A guide to implement a usable animated sprite system and respective manager.
It goes from data serialization with Lua through the rendering of the many animations with an animated sprite and reuse of static data.


Please do check it out!
I made a video for this one:

Bidimensional Dreams > Introduction to Löve2D

Posted 18 June 2014

Just made another post on game development with Lua, a brief introduction to Löve2D.

It goes from rendering the basic hello world text to drawing an image at a given coordinate.
Really simple stuff actually, but we'll need this to make our lives easier when trying our hands on rendering animated sprites and tiled maps.

Make sure to take a look!


Bidimensional Dreams > Lua Snippets

Posted 10 June 2014

Hello Again,

After a lot of time w/o really coding anything and complete inactivity on my blog I'm coming back with a little more time on my hands.
Today, I've posted several Lua snippets in my blog, explaining a little about each one of them and important aspects of the language on each.

Take a look!