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Topics I've Started

Marketing "adult" rated apps?

16 May 2013 - 07:36 PM

It looks like google play, apple, and amazon don't allow apps revolving around nudity. So that completely eliminates ios since you can't get it onto people's devices (without jailbreaking them), and leaves you with trying to get people to download your app outside the market.




And it's not like I'm making some raunchy stuff, it's individual models, but they're nude... I might try physically selling it in xxx shops locally or something. Any advice?

Kinect type games

05 May 2013 - 09:46 AM

I brought home an Asus xtionpro live sensor from work which appears to be a kinect knockoff. So far I just made it so if you throw overhead you throw a fireball forward.


Obviously sports games like kicking a soccer ball/field goal, swinging at a pitch, throwing something, etc as well as carnival type games work well.


My gf actually had a good idea of sitting in a chair and riding a mechanical bull in game...lol You would just sit facing the same direction but the camera would spin around in game and you'd have to lean to stay on the center point or something lol.



Pretty neat though, what other games do you think would work well with this type of sensor? 


For trade shows and promotional stuff it would make a good product to attract people to your booth and you could have it be a contest...


Just brainstorming still...

AR games

02 May 2013 - 09:19 PM

I'm trying to come up with some simple games using augmented reality. I think long games would be annoying holding a screen in front of you to play, so I was thinking about mini games. A simplified tower defense where you set out your pieces and watch how it unfolds could be neat.


Last weekend I got the basic mechanics working for recognizing cards, and this week wrote some game logic to attack each other if the cards are near enough, and a monster spawner to create mobs at an interval to pop out bad guys.  


So a tower defense with physical card pieces, say 10-15 that you can place in an orientation, maybe on a printable game board so you can lay your cards out according to tiles. Then start the app on a tablet with a camera and watch it all come to life?


I got some basic functions for virtual buttons, if you occlude part of the card with your finger that's mapped off as a button it can trigger a function. 


For development I was just using my webcam, then making builds and testing on my gf's phone when it's available. Seems to run great:


This is from last Saturday when I had the basic mechanics to recognize multiple cards and 2 virtual buttons that toggle skeletons on/off also I don't have a printer so I just pulled the textures/targets up on the monitor and point the camera at it, but it works on the phone with rotation just fine.


How to make dll...

25 April 2013 - 10:58 PM

How on earth to you get a nice .dll from openCV? I need to use it for Unity, as a plugin, but have never used linux.


I went through one of the tutorials to install opencv on my computer (PC), but I need to get a .dll I can transfer to my mac and drop in my plugins folder of Unity ios..........


Once I have a dll filled with functions I can call them from Unity...anyone have any advice for a simple solution? I found a visual studio 2010 .exe but don't have visual studio to open it....


I saw some mention of using Eclipse, can I do it with that, easily? Do you have to use a terminal window to do it no matter what??


Any advice/pointers greatly appreciated...

Augmented Reality

11 April 2013 - 05:14 PM

Firstly, I'm trying to learn more about tracking objects in a video stream.


I have the camera rendering on a texture in a game engine. So far I've been thinking I need to screen capture each frame, or every few frames, and look for matching pixels to track the x, y position of. So if you're tracking a white paper on black surface, as you move it around I can track the position and rotation...



Anyone have any insight to the topic? I've seen there are numerous expensive products and API's, I was just thinking it shouldn't be that impossible to track a simple square or rectangle sheet of paper on a contrasting background, and spawn models on it, adjusting them to the rotation/position of the paper as it moves...