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In Topic: New Cryengine/Unity/Unreal 3rd/2nd/1st person shooter

Yesterday, 07:02 AM

Pretty certain it's a joke. Even the fact that he puts great but old games like Crusader no remorse on there indicates that he's older, and shouldn't be inexperienced enough to suggest this seriously.


You're probably right :)

That reference to Infinite Detail at the end is kindof a giveaway too.

In Topic: New Cryengine/Unity/Unreal 3rd/2nd/1st person shooter

Yesterday, 05:18 AM

" Ie there must be no possible way to condense the experience down to words that would accurately describe how amazing the experience of playing the game itself is"


Sounds like a marketing nightmare :)
So basically, you want to make a game that incorporate every game feature you have enjoyed from 15-20 years of gaming?


" i know that all these concepts work, because they have all been done before in one way or another,"


That doesn't mean they all work together, in the same game though...
I don't think choice of engine is really your main problem at the moment, first you need to focus a bit and try to make an estimate on how much time it would take to do all these features.
As a good baseline, you could look at the amount of people involved in, and the time it took, to implement all those games you are referencing.
You could almost add all those people and time up straight, because even though there is some overlapping work, there is also a lot of extra work to get everything to work as a whole.
A game isn't just a big list of features, the hard part is making it all fit together, without overwhelming the player, and also getting them all done in reasonable time and money spend.
Even if all your workers would be volonteers, they still need to eat, live and enjoy life, in the meantime.

In Topic: responsiveness of main game loop designs

Yesterday, 03:44 AM


Human high-level conscious thought, by latest research, only updates at approx 5Hz :lol: 




Even though human high-level conscious thought might update at 5Hz, conscious thought is not where most gaming that need high framerate takes place.


Which is a reason we do notice the difference with framerates as high as 144Hz.


Very interesting discussion in this thread, just had to comment on this detail :)

(even though it's probably obvious to most people here)

In Topic: simulate battles - cavalry?

27 May 2016 - 04:48 AM

Yeah, I was just talking in general how you'd expect it to work, how to simulate it is a different problem :)


Even if the display is just numbers ticking down, maybe there could be some "placement" and "positioning" under the hood, but in a very abstract manner?


Something like units from the different sides "pair up", with a priority on what type of unit they want to fight.


So light cav have a buff against archer units, so they first start to attack an archer unit from the other side.

On the other side, his spear infantry prioritize defending against light cav, so they start generating attacks on the cav, which generates attacks on the archers.

archers are blocked from generating attacks on anyone as long as engaged with cav, but can defend (poorly)


All this can just be buffs/debuffs on attack, and a choice on who the attack is on.


If one army outnumbers the other, there will be more the one unit from one side generating attacks on the other, making them more likely too win.


But the real winner in actual war is local superiority, even a small army can beat a big one if they fight them in the right way. This could be partly simulated in how easy a unit can "switch" between enemy units, maybe just a time delay simulating that they have to move across the field.


All of it could be just numbers behind the scene, but I think you need to simulate this in some way for the confrontation to feel realistic. (unless you just reduce it to Civ style combat)


Btw, I definitely think you should have spear troops. Spear guys have been vital for warfare since ancient times, right up until modern times and gunfire squads. (which also had bayonetts, so they could be a bit more like spear guys) You need guys with big pointy sticks to keep the enemy at a distance, and particularly to defend against cavalry charges.

In Topic: How to make Game & Watch's inside game?

27 May 2016 - 03:56 AM

For prototyping, using Arduino is probably with the least steep learning curve. You can program it in "processing" (a c-like language made for rapid prototyping and to be easy to learn) or in C and C++ (or assembler if you want)


For mass production, it depends a lot of how big mass you want.


An arduino is really a protoyping platform made with either an AVR processor, or a tiny ARM processor. (the first one is very cheap and not very powerful, the other also cheap but a bit more expensive, and a lot more powerful).


I'm guessing an AVR would be plenty for a g&w with custom LCD, but if you want a bunch of pixels, the ARM version might be better.


You can prototype and learn about hw dev on Arduino, then when you are ready for mass production, switch to using a custom AVR/ARM hardware which is similar to an Arduino but with all the prototyping extras removed.