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In Topic: How important is localization?

07 July 2014 - 03:46 AM

If you have 3 languages in a game, say English, German and French. Do you upload 3 different versions of the game or do you need to have all languages in the same game? Also if you are supposed to have a single version of the game containing all the languages how do you detect what country they bought it from so it starts up in the right language?


You usually have all languages in the same.


For text strings, this is usually handled automatically, you never use literal strings in code, but a string ID.

You then have several string lists, one for every language, and the device makes sure to load the right one.


If you can get it to work with just changing all strings, that is all you have to do.


Things like numbers and currencies has to be run through a number formatter, that format it according to the region. (currency symbol before or after,  using . or , as decimal divider, etc)


Sometimes though there is some minor code change needed for a particular language or region.

For that, all platforms have some API to ask what language the user wants, and you can then take any action necessary.

In Topic: How important is localization?

07 July 2014 - 01:43 AM

I wonder if it would be possible to split those words with a hyphen? I was talking to a German friend once about those "long words", it turns out they're actually separate words, it's just that the space is omitted. Of course the splitting idea only works if you can afford to have multiple lines...


You can, but if you want to do it right, it's not straight forward to do automatically. You want to prioritize hyphen on the actual word parts, but to do that, you need a german dictionary!

Second priority is splitting on syllables of a word. Even harder to automate, though you can approximate it by simply splitting after the first consonant after a vowel.

Though just splitting after a consonant (and ignoring syllables and words) will likely produce lots of "weird" splits.


Or you need a german speaker who can do it manually, but then you are back on manual work...


Other "fun" languages are hebrew and arabic. Can your layout handle all strings being reversed? smile.png


Man, languages are tricky.

In Topic: How important is localization?

06 July 2014 - 09:17 AM

Angry birds definitely is localized. 

Seems It can be a bit tricky to change the language in your app store though, took me a few tries and re-logins before I got it to change properly.

I think I had to also change the region of my apple id.

I'm currently seeing the description in french now smile.png


Most people seems to say you always should localize for at least EFIGS if you want to do well in those markets. (Apple recommends it among others)

If not the game, at least the app description.


Personally I think how important it is also depends on the genre, and your target audience.


One of our best selling games is english only, it's a bmx action game, and even though there is a fair amount of text in tutorials and challenge descriptions, it seems to do pretty well in non-english markets too.

A lot of players hardly ever read any texts in games anyhow, even if they are in their own language...

If the game is well designed, it works fine anyway.


But translating the app description is pretty cheap, and any little thing you can do to convince people to at least try your game is a good thing smile.png

In Topic: How do you get ideas for new games?

03 July 2014 - 07:41 AM

(and subtilted in deutch)


Not that it really matters, but those subtitles are Norwegian :P

In Topic: Need sugestion to optimize realtime bitblt->StretchBlt (scaling takes to...

27 June 2014 - 03:37 AM

Hi Samith.
I am not sure this will work since the scaling also does some smoting and i think that doing this in your way will make the borders of the 32*32 squares to be seen ...
I can try that but i am not sure how to do that.


You might be able to work around that by having the grid squares "overlap" with a border that is as wide as the kernel of the filter.

It would mean processing some pixels twice, but it would still be less then doing every pixel.


Apart from that, and using multiple cores to update squares in paralell, I don't think its much you can do unless using graphics hardware. (which is a massively parallell processor designed for image processing, seems pretty ideal for the task)


Why not using graphics hardware? It would be a lot less complex to get to work.


MAybe a bit off-topic, but why exactly do you need to scale anyway? (I'm not sure what you mean by "live screen drawing" and why this implies scaling?)