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Black Sun

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#4858006 Tiles - Top Down 2d RPG - WIP

Posted by on 05 September 2011 - 06:05 PM

Introducing My First Java Game.


Tiles is a Work In Progress - Top Down - 2D RPG Game Written in java.
My main goal in tiles is to have a finished Working product i can put on my (so far) empty portfolio.

Some Existing features:
Loading , Saving.
Random tree generation.
Cutting, placing Trees/Saplings.
Resource (in game currency)

Some features i wish to Implement:
Some kind of story?
Automatically Generated land as you travel.
Dungeons involving killing things and Puzzles.

Some bugs and Programming issues i would be happy to get feedback for:
The in-game timer doesnt work properly in 0.05.
I havent found a way to extend an array In-Game.

At the moment Ive had to implement a totally different Way the game is programmed to optimize the speed of the game.
Im still working out bugs and stuff but here are some screenshots:

The Stable 0.05 Version:
Posted Image

The Rather UnStable, Unfinished and Buggy 0.1 version:
Posted Image

You can find the 0.05 download on my Blog:


a few updates:
Better GUI no more text.
Fixed LOADS of bugs :)

Thank You.